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What Do You Think About Oxygen Pressure Gauges
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The interface has a red "no oil" sign;
Oxygen pressure gauge is clockwise(pressure readout control scale and unit);
Differences between oxygen pressure gauges and combustible pressure gauges:
The oxygen pressure gauge is not the same as the general pressure gauge switch direction. The oxygen pressure gauge is clockwise, while the flammable gas pressure gauge is counterclockwise, mainly to prevent mishandling.
The main difference between the oxygen pressure gauge and the general pressure gauge is that the oxygen gauge is a no-oil gauge, that is, the final check of the pressure gauge in the assembly pressure gauge is checked by gas or water, while the ordinary pressure gauge is checked by oil because oxygen can not spontaneously ignite but he can help to ignite. So no oil.
The oxygen meter is measuring oxygen, and the proportion in the air is expressed in numbers! Hey! Hey!
General pressure gauge is the measurement of pressure, atmospheric pressure, pressure in the pipeline(liquid gas)! Hey! Hey!
Differentiation: The oxygen meter has the O2 logo on it, and the pressure gauge has only numbers!