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What Are The Five Parameters In The Meter Side?
- May 28, 2018 -

The five parameters in the instrument measurement are: pressure, temperature, flow rate, material position and component analysis. But some factories treat component analysis as a separate profession.

Pressure in physics, it is to point to in two forces to the contact surface of the object, or a gas for vertical force on the surface of the solid and liquid, or a liquid to a solid surface of vertical force.

Temperature is a physical quantity that indicates the degree of heat and cold of an object. Temperature can only be measured indirectly by the properties of an object that change with temperature.

The flow rate refers to the amount of fluid flowing through the effective section of the closed pipe or open channel in unit time, also known as the instantaneous flow rate. When the fluid volume is expressed in volume, it is called volume flow. Mass flow is called when fluid volume is expressed as mass. The volume of fluid flowing through a pipe in unit time is called the volume flow of the cross section.

Level measurement usually refers to measuring the height of materials (solid or liquid level) in closed or open containers during industrial production. Continuous measurement of material height is called continuous measurement.

Composition analysis: refers to the technical method of qualitative and quantitative analysis of each component through the analysis of the product or sample composition by micrograph. Component analysis technology is mainly used to analyze unknown substances, unknown components, etc.