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Using Only A Thermometer In A Fish Tank, The Hackers Gained Access To The Casino's Intranet
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The President of the network security start-ups Darktrace Nicole Eagan in London, said the media from surveillance cameras to air conditioning system, hackers are increasingly inclined to use security weak iot devices to black into the enterprise Intranet. "Internet of things now equipment increase rapidly, but it also enlarged the hackers attack range and means, and we are the traditional network security defense for a lot of things networking equipment doesn't work."

Eagan also tells an anecdote: she has seen hackers hack into a casino's Intranet and steal the names of gamblers simply by using a thermometer in a fish tank. The aquarium wasn't special. It was just in the lobby of the casino for everyone to see, and the only special thing was that the thermometer in the aquarium was connected to the net.

Not only Mr Eagan, but Robert Hannigan, former head of GCHQ, a British intelligence agency, says the rise of iot devices has indeed widened the scope and means of hacking. "The number of Internet of things devices will increase dramatically in the next few years and the problems will get worse. I've seen hackers successfully launch attacks on a bank using only internet-connected surveillance cameras.

"What we need now is the relevant regulators to set security standards for iot devices, because the market is not going to fix that on its own." But the sad truth is that a large number of vulnerable iot devices are still operating around the clock. Hackers are stalking them.