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The Working Principle Of The Digital Pressure Gauge
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Power supply: (AC 220V through switching circuit, transform to) the required DC voltage, and then supply the required circuit by the voltage regulator circuit, or (24V) DC voltage directly through the voltage circuit supply required circuit.

Signal part: the pressure of the measured medium is passed through the pressure interface to the sensing film of the sensor. The sensor sends the signal of the sensor to the amplification, V/A conversion, CPU to process, set the display number, control the output of the switch quantity, and provide the analog or digital output to realize the process of pressure display, control and transfer.

Main technical indicators

Measurement range: -100 ~ 0 ~ 100kPa 0 ~ 0.1 ~ 60MPa

Accuracy: + 1, 0.5%FS

Sampling time: 1-5 seconds

Display: 4 bit LCD

Power supply battery: 3.6V/2Ah industrial lithium battery 1, continuous use for more than 5 years.

Environmental conditions: temperature: -20~50 C humidity: 90%RH overload capacity: 200%FS

Connecting thread: M20 x 1.5 or customized by user requirements


Shell material: 1C18Ni9Ti

Panel: glass + internal PVC mask

Guide tube material: 1C18Ni9Ti

The characteristics of digital pressure gauge include micro power consumption, high accuracy and high definition digital liquid crystal display.

It is small in size, easy to operate, convenient for on-site calibration and precise pressure measurement.

Intelligent calibration, linear repair, two seconds magnetic pen induction zero adjustment.

LCD display has dynamic pressure value display function, intuitively display pressure percentage.

Pressure unit: mmH2O mmHg psi kPa MPa Pa mbar bar up to ten pressure units (optional)

It can display the dynamic curve and peak recording function of online pressure measurement (optional).

All kinds of additional functions. For example, RS486 interface output, 4-20mA output, 0~5V output, data instant messaging output USB interface, storage function (optional);

Power supply: built in Section five lithium battery can be used for 5~7 years, or rechargeable lithium battery (including charger), or AC 220V power supply.

Classification of digital pressure meter

According to the precision of the digital pressure meter:

Precision digital pressure gauge (level 0.05) (level 0.1) (level 0.25)

General digital pressure meter (grade 0.5)

According to whether the long pass is divided:

In situ display digital pressure meter

Digital pressure meter with remote transmission

Safety performance:

Intelligent digital contact pressure gauge

Intelligent digital pressure recording table

The digital pressure meter is divided into the radial digital pressure gauge and the axial edge digital pressure meter. The digital pressure meter is divided into the local digital pressure meter and the remote digital display contact pressure meter.

Digital pressure gauge

Selection and use of digital pressure gauge

Pressure instruments are common measuring instruments, which are widely used in various fields. It can intuitively show the pressure changes in each process link, observe the formation of the conditions in the process of product or medium, monitor the safety trend in the process of production, and build a fast and reliable security guarantee through automatic chain or sensing device, which plays an important role in preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of people and property. The effect is called the safe "eye".

(1) the maximum range (dial limit) of a digital pressure gauge mounted on a boiler or pressure vessel shall be in line with the working pressure of the equipment. The range of the digital pressure gauge is generally 1.5 to 3 times the working pressure of the equipment, preferably 2 times. If the number of digital pressure meters is too large, the greater the range of the digital pressure meter, the greater the absolute value of the error and the deviation from the naked eye, which will affect the accuracy of the pressure readings. On the contrary, the working pressure of the equipment is equal to or close to the digital pressure gauge if the number of the digital pressure meter is too small. The scale limit will cause the elastic element in the digital pressure meter to be in the maximum deformation state for a long time, and it is easy to produce permanent deformation, resulting in the increase of the error of the digital pressure gauge and the decrease of the service life. In addition, the range of the digital pressure gauge is too small. In case of overpressure, the pointer crosses the maximum range to close to zero and causes the operator to create a missense and cause a greater accident. Therefore, the pressure range of the digital pressure gauge should not exceed 60 to 70% of the scale limit.

(2) the accuracy of the working digital pressure gauge is expressed by the percentage of allowable error in the scale limit of the dial. The accuracy level is generally marked on the dial. When selecting a digital pressure gauge, the accuracy should be determined according to the equipment's pressure level and actual work needs.

(3) the dial diameter of the digital pressure meter should not be too small in order to enable the operator to accurately see the pressure value. If the digital pressure meter is high or far from the post, the dial diameter should be increased.

(4) if the digital pressure meter is used to measure the medium is corrosive, then we must choose different elastic element materials according to the specific temperature and concentration of the corrosive medium, otherwise it can not reach the desired purpose.

(5) daily attention to the use of maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning and record of usage.

(6) the general calibration period of the digital pressure gauge is half a year. Compulsory verification is a legal measure to ensure the reliable performance of digital pressure gauge, accurate transfer of quantity and effective guarantee of safe production.

Material standard for wet parts of pressure gauge:

Code 1= Brass / bronze, measuring greater pressure range: Brass / alloy steel, brass /316 stainless steel.

2=316 stainless steel / alloy steel

(1600-2500bar, /20000-35000psi)

3=316 stainless steel

(low pressure nickel iron alloy can measure greater pressure)

For most models of the wet part code:

6= montwell alloy