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The Union Of The Red Flag Instrument Company And The Member Unit Of The Federation Of Trade Union Members Union Work Exchange Meeting.
- Apr 14, 2018 -

      To promote understanding between yueqing union club association member unit, the friendship, learn from each other, the trade union work in the new period, city federation of trade unions club association on September 23, 2016 in the red flag instrument (changxing) member of the company held a trade union work exchange, promoting industry union service employees, service enterprises, to build a harmonious society.

      One, the basic situation of the trade union work exchange, the leadership of the communication meeting with zhang ying, vice President of yueqing city federation of trade unions, xiu-fen zhao, director of the workers cultural palace, host red flag Zhou Fanglong instrument company chairman, general manager of Zhou Chunlong; The staff members have 17 union chairmen, such as towns, transportation and other systems, enterprises and enterprises. The meeting was presided over by zhao xiufen, director of the general cultural palace of the city.

      Ii. Main contents of the exchange meeting.

  1. The participants visited the production site of the red flag instrument (changxing) company and made a free publicity for the enterprises and products.

  2. General manager zhou chunlong introduced the development history of the company; This paper introduces the experience of corporate culture construction, especially the double love win-win culture. This paper introduces the concrete practice of the cohesion engineering, the introduction of the traditional culture into the company and the staff quality engineering.

  3, the trade union chairman according to the characteristics of the industry, unit, the present situation of the trade union work, introduced this unit of trade union work experience and characteristics, talk about the advantages of the trade union work in the new period, analyze the root cause of the trade union work is difficult.

  4, and made an important speech of comrade zhang ying, vice President of yueqing city federation of trade unions: first of all, on the red flag instrument co., LTD., trade unions in assistive, enterprise warm engineering, social public welfare activities, such as a career; Again, for your questions, and given to the reply, hoped everybody through communication, find the point of this unit the trade union work, innovative work, initiative, boosting trade union work level. Anyway, seminars, trade union work edge information of the event, participants pleaded with the organizer to expand to coverage, promote exchange the influence and effect of determination under the leadership of the party, which is based on labor law, carefully perform the duty of a trade union of the holy spirit, the industry trade union work to promote a new course in the city.