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The Oxygen Pressure Gauge Must Be Marked With What Is Above Or Above.
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Oxygen pressure gauges are suitable for measuring oxygen as a medium. Oxygen pressure gauges are strictly prohibited from contact with oily substances. The sign "no oil" shall be marked on the panel of the oxygen pressure gauge.
After the oxygen cylinder is properly installed, the pressure relief valve should be closed first, and then the hand wrench should slightly open the bottle valve for 2 seconds to check the needle reading(up to 15 Mpa) of the pressure gauge of the gas cylinder and whether there is any leakage, such as qualifying and normally opening the bottle valve;
After the oxygen bottle valve is opened, the pressure relief valve is slowly adjusted and the needle reading of the pressure gauge of the pipeline is observed. The pressure of the pipeline must be controlled in the green area(within 0.5 Mpa), and leakage should be checked.