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The Installation Size Of A Digital Pressure Gauge
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Digital display pressure meter advantage

The digital display pressure gauge has the characteristics of high accuracy, high stability, error less than 1%, internal power supply, micro power consumption, stainless steel case, strong protection, beautiful appearance and so on.

The digital display pressure meter has the following characteristics:

Connection is simple and low cost

This table only needs a contactor, without various protection devices, to a great extent, solve the problem of wiring difficult; using bistable control circuit, so the contactor will not produce jitter, so it is not easy to damage the contactor and the controlled equipment, but also reduce the cost.

The traditional electric contact point pressure gauge must use two contactors and multiple protection devices to work. Not only is the wiring trouble, but these devices are vulnerable parts, which need to be replaced frequently, thus greatly increasing the cost of use.

High life span

This table is a microcomputer digital instrument. It adopts bistable control circuit, contactless contact and mechanical friction. It can work more than ten million times.

The traditional electric contact pressure meter uses contact to control the upper and lower limits, easily produces sparks and mechanical friction, and is easily damaged in frequent work and low life; the more serious problem is that if the electrical contact equipment can cause damage, it can not work normally, but also causes great cost loss.

Earthquake resistance

The digital display pressure meter can work as usual in a vibrant environment for a long time, and the display will not cause visual error; however, the traditional electric contact pressure meter can not do this.