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The Elastic Pressure Gauge
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The elastic pressure gauge, commonly known as the bourdon tube pressure gauge, is a type of elastic pressure gauge. Its sensing element is a spring tube, divided into a single coil spring tube and a multi-ring spring tube. Single coil spring pipe: one end of the pipe is fixed to the instrument shell, and the other end is closed to allow free movement. The pipe deformed when the measured pressure was connected in the bending pipe. Its free end produces displacement, which is proportional to the measured pressure. When the displacement occurs, drive the pointer by connecting rod and gear to indicate the measured pressure. Multi-coil spring tube: the lower end of the spring tube is fixed on the instrument shell, and the upper end is connected to the rotating shaft. After connecting the pressure, the spring tube deforms and rotates the rotating shaft, whose rotation Angle is proportional to the measured pressure, indicating the measured pressure. Compared with the pressure gauges of diaphragm and film box, it has the advantages of high precision, wide measurement range (high, medium and low pressure can be measured) and high scale limit. Measure the pressure or vacuum of liquids, gases and steam that do not corrode copper and steel and their alloys.