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The Bottom Of The Sea Live
- Aug 08, 2018 -

In the early hours of March 21, as the xiangyanghong 10 ship entered its working area in the southwest Indian Ocean, the team put the first undersea exploration equipment on the voyage into the sea. This means that the scientific investigation of the third leg of the 49th ocean voyage of China has officially begun.

The undersea exploration facility is called the undersea camera integrated hydrothermal anomaly detection towed body, which has been abbreviated as the undersea camera towed body. It looks like a flat cage welded by a metal tube, with various detection devices installed inside. The research ship towed the device through a long armored cable at a depth of two to three kilometers, detecting the presence of hydrothermal anomalies.

"The main detection equipment in the subsea camera trailer is a subsea camera and a subsea camera." Because the sea floor is so dark, there are two lights on the undersea camera trailer for cameras and cameras, according to deng xianming, chief scientist of the third leg of the 49th ocean voyage of China.