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Structure Principle The Electric Contact Pressure Gauge
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The electric contact pressure gauge consists of a measuring system, a indicating system, a magneto-assisted electrical contact device, a housing, an adjusting device, and a junction box (socket). General electric contact pressure gauge is used to measure the gas do not corrode copper and copper alloy, the positive and negative pressure of liquid medium, stainless steel electric contact pressure gauges for measuring the corrode the stainless steel of the positive and negative pressure of gas and liquid medium and a signal when the pressure to the expected value, switching control circuit, achieve the goal of automatic control of the alarm.

Spring tube of electric contact pressure gauge measurement system based on the measured medium pressure, force of spring tube ends a corresponding elastic deformation displacement, with the aid of tie rod and to amplify the transmission gear transmission mechanism, by the direction on the fixed gear (along with contact) by the measured value on the dial indicator. At the same time, when its contact and setting a pointer (upper or lower limit) contact (broken or move) instantaneous, led to the disconnection or connection of control circuit in the system, in order to achieve the goal of automatic control and transmitting alarm.