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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge The Request
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge The process requirements for measurement, including range and accuracy. In the case of static test (or slow change), the maximum value of the measured pressure is chosen to be two thirds of the full scale of the pressure gauge. In the case of pulsating (fluctuating) pressure, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge the maximum value of the measured pressure is selected from the pressure gauge Full of half of the full scale value.

Commonly used pressure detection instrument accuracy level of 0.05,0.1,0.25,0.4 level, 1.0 grade, 1.5 grade and 2.5 grade 6 level, should be from the production process accuracy requirements and the most economical point of view. The maximum allowable error of the instrument is the product of the range of the pressure gauge and the percentage of the accuracy grade. If the error value exceeds the accuracy of the process, the pressure meter with a high accuracy is replaced.

The properties of the tested medium, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge such as the state (gas, liquid), temperature, viscosity, corrosivity, degree of pollution, flammability and explosive degree. Such as oxygen table, acetylene table, with "oil-free" signs, dedicated to special medium corrosion-resistant pressure gauge, high temperature pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge.

Site environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, corrosion, vibration, moisture and so on. Such as shockproof pressure gauges for vibration environmental conditions.

Suitable for observation by staff. According to the location of the instrument and the lighting conditions selected table diameter (dimensions) ranging from the instrument

For pressure detection, in fact, a measurement system is required to achieve. To make accurate measurements, in addition to the instrument for the correct selection and verification (calibration), but also must pay attention to the correct installation of the entire system. Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge If only the seismic pressure gauge itself is accurate, the indication can not completely represent the actual parameters of the measured medium, because the measurement system error is not equal to the instrument error.

(1) to avoid the pipeline bending, bifurcation and flow of the formation of eddy current areas. (2) When there are prominent objects in the pipeline (such as temperature measurement element), take the pressure should be taken in front of it. (3) when the valve must be in the vicinity of the adjustment pressure, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge if the pressure in the front of the valve, the distance from the valve should be not less than 2 times the diameter; if the pressure in the next, then the distance from the valve should not be less than 3 times Diameter. (4) For a wide container, the suction port should be in a region where the fluid flow is smooth and free of vortices. In short, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge in the process to determine the location of the pressure should be able to ensure that the selected parameters to be selected.

The horizontal section of the connecting duct should have a certain degree of inclination to facilitate the removal of condensed liquid or gas.

When the measured medium is a gas, the catheter should be low in the direction of the suction port; when the measured medium is liquid, the catheter should be inclined to the direction of the pressure measuring instrument; when the measured parameters for the smaller differential pressure, tilt The degree can be slightly larger. In addition, if the catheter is in the upper and lower corners, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge the condensing liquid device should be arranged at the lowest point or the exhaust device at the highest point in accordance with the medium in the conduit to ensure that the condensate is not accumulated in the duct for a considerable period of time Liquid or gas to affect the accuracy of the measurement. Condensate liquids or gases should be discharged periodically.

Pressure instrument connection, should be measured according to the level of pressure and the nature of the measured medium, select the appropriate material as a sealing gasket to prevent leakage.

Guide tube thickness appropriate, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge usually 6 ~ 10mm, length as short as possible, otherwise it will cause slow measurement.

Pressure gauge installed as far as possible at room temperature, relative humidity less than 80%, small vibration, less dust, no corrosive substances, for electrical pressure meters should be avoided as much as possible by electromagnetic interference.