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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge The Anti-corrosion Methods
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Anti-corrosion method of stainless steel pressure gauge

1, to the general corrosion medium, if stainless steel spring tube corrosion ability of 1 ~ 2 years, can be chosen for ammonia pressure gauge, when installation, guide tube shorter, buffer coil switch buffer tank, to prevent impurities clogging.

2. If the medium has a corrosive effect on stainless steel and copper, the buffer can be converted into a tank and added to the corrosion resistant isolation fluid. The type of waterproof fluid can be chosen according to the properties of the tested media, but it is better to use less than half a year. If the normal isolation fluid cannot be applied, the chlorine oil can be used as the isolation fluid, but the price is very expensive, so the isolation tank should be small, and the recycle of fluorine oil will be reused when disassembling. Into the

3, diaphragm pressure gauge can be used, there are 2 titanium molybdenum and tantalum sheet, diaphragm and ballistic tube with methyl silicone oil transfer between pressure and minimum range can be 0 ~ 100 kpa, if diaphragm material is not be able to bear or endure corrupt, can add a layer of F46 (fep) diaphragm, but the bottom of the instrument is sensitive. It can also be used to isolate the diaphragm directly with F46, but pay attention to the permeability of the medium, and the transfer fluid can be used for fluorine oil, which can be used for double isolation.

The reason for the bending of the stainless steel pressure gauge

Generally, it can be used to detect the bending of steam and the surface of the meter, and it can prevent the steam from entering the instrument directly and affect the accuracy of the instrument. This form is usually called condensation or condensation.

Its main function is:

1. Pulse pressure buffer;

2. Anti-corrosion isolation.

3. Reduce temperature, shock, cushion and isolation

4. The jam

There's also an anti-inflation effect

When measuring steam pressure, it is necessary to add a curve (condensate tube) to prevent the high temperature steam from contacting the pressure measuring element directly, which is affected by the high temperature and the measurement accuracy is affected.

Because of the general operating system will have some pressure fluctuations, but these fluctuations should not be performed on the table,, otherwise it may affect the meter reading, so adding bend will play a buffer role, also has the certain protective effect on the table, not because of frequent unnecessary volatility reduce service life.

What effect does stainless steel pressure gauge have

All stainless steel pressure gauge adopt direct contact joints and sensing element material, adopt icr18Ni9T, Ocr18Ni12Mo2Ti, sus316, structure is whole sealing type, the measured medium with strong anti corrosion and environment corrosion resistance. The stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industries for the corrosive and corrosive environment of stainless steel components.