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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge S Choice
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Stainless steel pressure gauge dial diameter is that we can default to stainless steel pressure gauge shell diameter, generally more commonly used is 50 mm, 63 mm, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 100 mm and 160 mm (I are listed in European standards, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge China and other Some countries will be a bit different)

 General pressure gauge shell material will have ABS (engineering plastic), carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and copper alloy,Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge which we have to select the specific environment according to the pressure gauge shell material is usually used ABS and 304 stainless steel two

 Pressure gauge of the wet material is generally only two (standard), that is, copper alloy and 316 stainless steel, if you measure the medium of these two are not applicable or corrosion, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge it can use the pressure gauge and chemical seal common use (chemical seal The effect of the pressure measurement element does not affect the measurement of the medium pressure in the case of effective measurement of the measurement medium and contact with the measurement element, which play a protective measurement components, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge but also to extend the measurement element of the surface).

Selection of pressure gauge types

Measure the different media and use the environment to use different types of pressure gauge

1). General medium, such as air, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge water, steam, oil, etc., can be used ordinary pressure gauge.

2). For special media need special pressure gauge, such as ammonia with ammonia pressure gauge; oxygen with oxygen pressure gauge; hydrogen pressure gauge; acetylene with acetylene pressure gauge and so on.

3). For general corrosive media, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge and corrosive gas environment, the choice of stainless steel pressure gauge.

4). For the measurement of viscosity, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge easy to crystallize, corrosive, high temperature liquid, gas or solid floating media pressure measurement, the choice of diaphragm pressure gauge.

5). Pressure measurement for pulsed media and mechanical vibration. Selection of seismic pressure gauge.

6). Far away requirements can be used when the remote version of the pressure gauge, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge remote signal with current and resistance and voltage type.

7). Control protection requirements can be used when the electrical contact pressure gauge.

8). Explosion-proof requirements must be used when the explosion-proof type, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge such as explosion-proof electrical contact pressure gauge.