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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Equipment Safety
- Oct 17, 2017 -

General pressure gauge refers to the structure of a single ring "C" type of spring tube, the highest accuracy level is 1, the measuring value exceeds the atmospheric pressure, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge and is used to measure the gauge of the table pressure of liquids, gases and vapors that are not corrosive to the instrument parts. It includes industrial single coil spring tubular pressure gauges (common pressure gauges), Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge pressure vacuum gauges, oxygen pressure gauges, Electric Contact Pressure gauge

1. Monitor the working condition of the medium in the pressurized vessel, so as to control the pressure capacity properly and protect the safety of the production equipment.

2. Understand the material changes in the production process, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge so that certain process parameters are controlled under the given conditions to ensure that the product meets the quality requirements.

3. By mastering the pressure parameters, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge to provide reliable basis for the operators to monitor, control and regulate production.

The main parts of the general pressure gauge are the spring tube, the movement, the indication mechanism, the shell and so on. The key parts have two big pieces: one is the spring tube,Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge it is the pressure gauge element, transforms the pressure into the displacement; The movement, which is the heart of the pressure gauge, amplifies the tiny displacement of the free end of the spring tube, The degree to which the readings are easy to observe. The movement part includes the central gear, the fan gear, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge the gossamer, the adjusting screw and the connecting rod and so on.

It is based on the sealed circular arc of the flat-shaped spring tube, under the action of the measured medium pressure, because the length can not be changed, only from the cross-section shape from the flat to the circular expansion, forcing the spring tube straight, The free end produces a certain line of displacement. Then, through the connecting rod to drive the fan-shaped gear to shift the angular displacement, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge change the transmission ratio and displacement angle of the magnification, so that the total bu from zero to 270 degrees, in the degree plate indicating the corresponding pressure to achieve the purpose of measuring pressure.

1. According to the material: there are tin phosphor bronze spring tube, chrome alum spring tube and stainless steel spring tube three kinds. The measured pressure is lower than the 100kgf/cm 2 o'clock copper, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge the steel is generally used for the 100kgf/cm2, and the ammonia pressure gauge and the spring tube used to measure the pressure gauge of the corrosive medium are made of stainless steel.

2: According to the structure: 60KGF/CM 2 Under the spring tube is solder on the chassis, the 60kgf/cm2 above the spring tube is connected with the thread.

3. According to the shape of the cross-section: there is a bow;

1. Used to measure viscous or acid-base special medium, should choose stainless steel spring tube, stainless steel movement, stainless steel shell or bakelite shell. According to its measured medium, in the pressure gauge should have a specified color standard, and indicate the name of the special medium,Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Oxygen table must be marked with red "forbidden oil" words.

2. When the wall is installed, the pressure gauge with edge should be selected and the pressure gauge with no edge should be chosen when directly installed on the pipe, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge and the pressure gauge with safety hole behind the case should be used for directly measuring the gas. The diameter of the case should be chosen for the sake of the position of pressure measurement and the convenience of observation management.

3. According to the use of pressure gauges can be divided into ordinary pressure gauges, ammonia pressure gauges, oxygen pressure gauges, electric contact pressure gauges, Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge far-spread pressure gauges, vibration-resistant pressure gauges, with test-pointer pressure gauges, double needle double or double needle single tube pressure gauges, digital display pressure gauges, precision pressure gauges and so on.