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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Anticorrosion Precautions
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Stainless steel pressure gauge can not correctly indicate the pressure value, there will be instructions of the situation is not allowed, violent vibration will directly cause the deformation of the pressure gauge elastic components and parts damage, affect the pressure gauge sensitivity, accuracy level and the user pressure gauge Read the value. Pressure gauge anti-vibration measures are mainly installed buffer device or use shock-resistant pressure gauge.

The main component of the pressure gauge is its internal spring tube. When the temperature is deviated from 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the elastic element of the pressure gauge - the metal spring tube will change the elastic modulus under the action of temperature, causing the spring pipe end Displacement amount produces a change in the amount of temperature, which affects the accuracy of the pressure gauge. Pressure gauge in use, to minimize the impact of temperature on the accuracy of the pressure gauge, the most direct and effective way is to avoid the pressure gauge in the abnormal temperature environment, if you can not avoid the pressure gauge should be anti-high temperature or cold treatment, for example Pressure gauge installation of condensing devices or insulation devices.

Pressure gauge overload operation is not only refers to the pressure gauge indicates the value of the dial to the maximum, in fact, more than 2/3 full scale position, the pressure gauge elastic element is already in a non-linear state. The pressure gauge in the overload state of long-term work, the internal elastic components such as spring tube will be due to long-term in the limit or near the deformation of the state, the final permanent deformation, can not correctly indicate the pressure value. Pressure gauge overload is a higher pressure gauge.

In the pressure gauge maintenance which is very important point is the pressure gauge corrosion, stainless steel pressure gauge anti-corrosion Note:

1, the general corrosive media, if the stainless steel spring tube can withstand 1 to 2 years of corrosion, you can choose ammonia pressure gauge, installation, the pressure tube to be short, buffer coil to use buffer tank to prevent impurities blocked.

2, if the media on the corrosion of stainless steel and copper, the buffer tank can be used to isolate the tank, adding corrosion-resistant isolation fluid. The type of isolation liquid can be selected according to the nature of the measured medium, but requires the use of more than six months without deterioration as well. If the ordinary isolation liquid can not be applied, the use of fluorochloro oil as a separation liquid, but the price is very expensive, so the isolation tank to do small, disassembly and recovery of fluorine oil to re-use.

3, can be used diaphragm pressure gauge, there are molybdenum 2 titanium and tantalum tablets, diaphragm and spring tube with methyl silicone oil between the pressure, the minimum range can be done 0 ~ 100kPa, if the diaphragm material is not rot, You can add a layer of F46 (poly perfluoro ethylene propylene) diaphragm, but the instrument sensitivity is reduced. F46 can also be used as a direct isolation diaphragm, but pay attention to the permeability of the medium, the transfer fluid can use fluorine oil, you can play a double isolation.