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Red Flag Instrument To Carry Out The Laba Festival -send Porridge Warm People-public Welfare Activities
- Jan 25, 2019 -

      Time flies, and then to the laba festival. A few days ago, the red flag instrument for the laba festival day to send laba porridge activities busy, sales manager hu suping after several days carefully selected, prepared longan, red dates, red beans, peas, mung beans, the seed of Job’s tears, peanuts, sesame, millet laba porridge materials.

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            December 7 after work, the company party branch secretary Chen furong led more than 10 volunteers came to liushi xinshi east street red flag instrument shop door began to boil porridge. When they arrived at the door, they found the scene was already a piece of steaming hot, ah, originally, liu city sales department of the volunteers have boiled several POTS of laba porridge. < / p > < p > Chen furong led the company volunteers also quickly joined the boil porridge relay, we clear division of labor, orderly, cooking, cooling, adding rock sugar, adding raw materials steamer...... From the seventh day in the afternoon to the eighth day at six in the morning has not stopped for a minute, will boil the porridge into more than 10 large heat preservation barrels. When the volunteers saw the fragrant porridge, they all smiled with relief.

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           Around 3 am, there are a lot of liushi citizens early with POTS and bowls to play laba porridge back to eat as breakfast. After the arrival of the porridge delivery volunteer team, a wave of porridge delivery team loaded with laba porridge sent to the gate of cao tianqian village to distribute, another wave of laba porridge to the hard in the cold wind tricycle to send our laba porridge, each bowl of hot laba porridge let the rough sleepers feel a warm.

Around 5 o 'clock in the morning, at the door of the store, the public lined up early in the long queue, holding the heat pot, rice cooker, stainless steel basin and other containers, waiting for a hot sweet laba porridge. The more than ten tables specially prepared by the company could not fit any more. If there was no room, they would bring them back home to share with their relatives. The fragrant and smooth laba porridge is handed to the workers from all walks of life from all over the country in bowls. Although it is only a bowl of porridge, it is extremely warm and meaningful. While delivering the porridge, the volunteers also talked with them about their plans to return to their hometown before the Spring Festival and whether their work is going well. There are two workers received love porridge said, next year will participate in your volunteer team.

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The last portion of porridge was delivered at 11 a.m. Under the leadership of party members of the company and under the efforts of volunteer groups, the "laba porridge delivered in 2019" activity, which lasted 28 hours in total, came to a successful end. This year, more than 1,800 laba porridge were delivered, nearly one third more than last year, making more people feel the warmth of liushi and hongqi.

Oil Filled Electric Contact Gas Pressure Gauge          Laba festival is an important traditional festival in China. Eating laba porridge has been handed down for thousands of years. Hongqi company is the communicator of modern Chinese culture and the practitioner of excellent traditional culture. Gratitude and dedication are the important values of our company. "Employees filial piety 1+1", "love blood donation" and "laba love" and other activities are red flag company every year essential love dinner, because dedication let us feel happy, but also let the society a more warm. Laba porridge to send love activities in the past, but our love is still passing, affected by the red flag, this year and a few enterprises followed up the love laba activities! We sincerely hope that our love can let you feel the thick laba festival atmosphere, in the cold season for them to send a warm, relive the beautiful Chinese traditional culture!

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