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Red Flag Appearance In The 2018 German Hannover Industrial Exposition.
- Apr 27, 2018 -


         On April 23, 2018, hongqi instrument co., ltd. attended the hannover industrial exposition in hannover, Germany. This is the second time the red flag instrument has participated in the hannover industrial exposition.


    Exhibit on the meeting, the red flag company focusing on the pressure gauge, thermometer, and other key products and special products, mainly introduced stainless steel pressure gauge, differential pressure tables, explosion-proof electric contact, HQ711 digital meter and other products.

   During the exhibition, foreign businessmen frequently stop and inquire, and Thomas Hestermann, the company's German sales manager, and the foreign trade department staff will introduce the company's products in detail to the foreign investors and win the preliminary cooperation intention of the foreign businessmen.


       Red flag has a creative and unlimited young team, they are sincere, innovative, professional, pragmatic. While providing users with diversified, high-quality products and services, the red flag spirit will lead the future. In the diversification phase, the red flag has achieved the expansion of scale, the export of the brand and not only the export of the foreign exchange. Adhere to the professional development strategy, to achieve the "create the world brand, the achievement of the century-old store" the company's vision tireless efforts.

       It is reported that hannover industry fair is the largest industrial exhibition in the world. This exhibition marks the red flag company is not confined to the domestic market in the area of pressure instrument, is preparing to stride forward to the world market.



         Hannover Hannover is the capital of lower Saxony in Germany. Can the city's scenic spots along the 4200 - metre - long red line (Roter Faden) "(a guide line of street pavement) slowly all the way to watch hannover is located in the north German plain and china-germany mountain intersect, both in Germany's north-south and east-west railway intersection, and on the verge of sino-german canal, a water and land transportation hub of convergence. Hannover is a highly developed industrial manufacturing city, and is the center of German automobile, machinery, electronics and other industries. It also hosted the world's fair in 2000.

The exhibition to introduce

        The hannover fair is the world's top, the world number one professional, involving the industry's largest international trade fair, every year, the exhibition was founded in 1947, has a history of 71 years. It not only has the world's biggest demonstration sites, and high technical content, is recognized is contact global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technical application and one of the most important platform for international trade. Development up to now, the exhibition has been justifiably called it "flagship" exhibition in the field of global trade and industry and industrial products and technologies involved "the most influential international industry trade fair" of the most widely.

           On 24 April, the 71st hannover industrial exhibition and hannover international logistics exhibition opened in hannover exhibition center. The exhibition is based on "industrial integration -- creating value!" For the theme, about 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, and the audience exceeded 22. Fifty thousand, more than seven. Fifty thousand people are from outside Germany, up from five last year. 20,000 people, including about 9,000 visitors from China, are second only to host Germany.


Overview of China pavilion.

      In 2017, with about 1,300 exhibitors, the exhibition size of 20,000 square meters has once again become the largest exhibition country after host Germany, and the display of Chinese pavilion has attracted the attention of the world.

      Exhibits on industrial automation, the traditional energy and new energy, industrial robots, industrial parts, industrial energy-saving lighting, industrial 4.0 related topics, such as huawei, haier, aerospace and other Chinese companies averaged hundreds of flat platform, mainly show the advanced manufacturing equipment, industrial Internet platform, the Internet of things, zhejiang chint electric appliances, China xd, daqo group, Shanghai wave, shenzhen British witten, hua sheng mechanical and electrical, guangdong, guangdong Mr Jia teng robot Nick companies such as continuous for many participate in the exhibition.

      After many years of overseas exhibitors, China's enterprise product exhibition line from simplification to diversification of the whole industry constantly expanding, product technology content significantly increased, and constantly improve the independent brand construction consciousness.