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Quality Requirements For Pressure Gauges
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. General pressure gauges with Bourdon tube is a certain cross-sectional shape(both are flat, round and oval), bent into a "c" shape, and meets a certain elasticityof the tube-shaped springs. If the spring is too small, it could affect the accuracy of the pressure gauge.

2. Exceeds permissible error of indication of the pressure gauge, you should repair the value adjustment screw as shown in the table, if the table does not have a value adjustment screw, this table can only be found to be ineligible.

3. Pressure gauge, dial numbers and symbols should be complete and clear. Dial indexing ruler should be evenly distributed and the Central angle of 270 °, the pointer of the pressure gauge should be inserted into all lines within the pointer indicates the end width interval shall not be greater than the minimum degree of 1/5. Pointer indexing plate distance between the planes should be in the 1~3mm range case od 200mm (including 200mm), the distance between pointer and indexing plate flat should be in the 2~4mm range.

4. The pressure gauge with the stop pin, without pressure or vacuum pointer close to the PIN, "contracted" shall not exceed the prescribed tolerance.

5. Pressure gauge should be able to protect the internal parts of the case againstpollution, the pressure gauge should be equipped with security holes, security hole dust-proof device is required.

6. Digital pressure gauge is to look at the overall structure of rationality, selectedmaterials, the aging of the electronic components, such as long-term stability.