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Pressure Meter Type Selection Principle
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Type selection of instrument must meet the requirements of production. For example if you need remote, automatic recording or alarm; the nature of the medium to be measured (such as high or low temperature, viscosity of the medium to be measured, whether the degree of corrosion, dirt, flammable, etc) are special demands on the instrument, environmental conditions (such as humidity, temperature, magnetic field, vibration, etc) requirements for meter type and so on. Therefore according to process requirements the right to adopt the instrument type is to ensure the instrument works and an important prerequisite for safety.

Such as the General pressure gauges with Bourdon tube made of copper alloy (alloy steel, high pressure), while ammonia pressure gauges with Bourdon tube material is carbon steel (or stainless steel), copper alloy is not allowed. Because the ammonia reacts with copper, will explode, so ordinary pressure gauge cannot be used for pressure measurement of ammonia.

Oxygen gauge and normal pressure gauge on structures and materials can be exactly the same, just oxygen oil pressure gauge must be banned. Because the oil intothe oxygen system is easy to cause an explosion. When the oxygen pressure gauge in calibration, not used as in ordinary pressure gauge oil as working media andoxygen pressure gauge should strictly avoid contact with oil in the store. If the existing oil pressure gauge must be used when measuring the pressure of oxygen, before use with carbon tetrachloride cleaned repeatedly, until the check until the oil.