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Pressure Gauge Using High Strength
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The value of the piston pressure gauge is mainly determined by the acceleration of gravity and the effective area of the piston.

The quality of a piston-type pressure gauge is good or bad, Pressure Gauge mainly to see the quality of the piston system, whether durable and stable.

The pressure here generally refers to the pressure in physics, the pressure is equal to the force divided by the force area.

Piston-type pressure gauge pressure, that is, Pressure Gauge the weight of gravity on the piston produced by the pressure

Pressure gauges are often referred to as piston pressure gauges or pressure gauges, and are also known as pressure scales. They are mainly used for measuring rooms, laboratories and production or scientific experiments as pressure regulators. Piston pressure gauges are also used for high reliability Sex monitoring links to other local instrumental voting monitoring.

Piston and piston cylinder with high strength, Pressure Gauge high hardness and low temperature linear expansion coefficient of alloy steel, tungsten carbide and other materials, the temperature coefficient of expansion is small, the deformation is small, Pressure Gauge thus ensuring the piston effective area cycle rate of change is small to ensure the piston pressure Have a very high sensitivity.

Piston and piston cylinder by precision grinding, Pressure Gauge the roundness error and gap is very small, the working medium with low viscosity sebacate, which greatly improve the piston rotation duration, also a corresponding reduction in piston descent speed, improve piston identification force.

For the needs of the verification work, so that the effective area of the piston is relatively small, so the total weight of the weight is relatively light, Pressure Gauge saving labor intensity.

Using the tray to load directly, to avoid the additional vertical force, reducing the weight center of gravity, the corresponding reduction in weight lateral additional error.

So that the piston rotation more stable.

Piston working position using displacement sensor monitoring, Pressure Gauge with a sensitive, eye-catching, accurate advantages.

The weight has been corrected for the pressure deformation factor and the local gravity acceleration.

Inspection only need to check the piston measurement system, small size, light weight.

The accuracy level of the pressure vacuum gauge is divided into first-class piston and second-class piston, the first class refers to the 0.02-class piston pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge the second refers to the 0.05 piston pressure gauge. The accuracy of the piston pressure gauge depends on the manufacturing accuracy of the effective area of the piston. The effective area is neither the area of the piston cylinder nor the cross-sectional area of the piston rod. Pressure Gauge The effective area of the piston is a theoretical area. Pressure Gauge By the piston cylinder and the piston rod with the accuracy of the grid.