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Pressure Gauge Timely Replacement
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1, the pressure gauges should be placed on the platform for easy operation and solid vibration-free.

2, before the operation to use the horizontal adjustment screws to calibrate the level, that is, the bubbles in the horizontal bubble in the center position. Pressure Gauge The working ambient temperature of the pressure gauge is (20±2) ℃, the temperature fluctuation is not less than ± 0.5 ℃. Relative humidity 80%rh below. Can not be placed in the environment of excessive humidity in order to avoid corrosion.

3, the first use, the use of gasoline (anhydrous ethanol) cleaning pressure gauge piston rod, piston cylinder, the clean transfer medium into the Oil Cup (oil cup volume of 2/3 appropriate), Pressure Gauge and then discharge the measurement system and the air in the inner cavity of the table.

4, the pressure gauge of the piston rod, piston cylinder are precision parts, Pressure Gauge usually not easy demolition, the other parts should be regularly cleaned, pressure gauges used after a period of time, if found medium color yellowing or turbidity should be replaced in a timely manner.

5, the range of the following 25MPa pressure gauge aviation kerosene and $number transformer oil mixed oil (or $number pure transformer oil) as the transmission medium, 25MPa and above the range pressure gauges should be the use of decyl acid bis (ethyl cyclohexyl) ester as the medium of pressure.

6, Rotary voltage regulator handwheel (or hand pressure preloading pump), Pressure Gauge check whether the circuit is unobstructed, if no problem can be installed on the test pressure gauge.

7, the use of pressure gauges, its piston rod, Pressure Gauge piston tube and weight (hanging basket) and other components must be in accordance with the pressure gauge factory number matching use, not interchangeable.

8, the pressure gauge is not used, should cover the cloth cover to avoid dust into the pressure gauge. The weight of the pressure gauge should be kept in strict care, Pressure Gauge and must always keep clean and dry, so as to avoid corrosion and contamination and influence weight quality.

9, the pressure gauge measurement baseline (piston lower side) should be measured with the instrument on the same level plane, if not on the same level and the difference between the larger should be corrected (if the measured instrument is the piston pressure gauge, and the starting Balance method is not corrected).

Plug-type pressure gauge is a high-precision,Pressure Gauge long-life pressure measurement standard (pressure force value transmission standard instrument). If the use of reasonable, good maintenance, operating norms, the accuracy of the grade life expectancy of up to more than 10 years or longer. Pressure Gauge How to operate the piston-type pressure gauge correctly,Pressure Gauge which directly affects the accuracy of the product performance and value transfer. The common accuracy level is 0.05 class (second-class piston type pressure gauge), 0.02 class (the piston type pressure gauge).