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Pressure Gauge The Main Structure
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Overflow hole: in case of emergency of explosion of bourdon tube,

The internal pressure will be released to the outside through the overflow hole to prevent the glass panel from bursting. Note: in order to maintain the normal performance of the overflow hole, at least 10mm of space should be left behind the table. The overflow hole cannot be modified or plugged.

Pointers: in addition to standard Pointers, other Pointers are optional.

Glass panel: in addition to standard glass, other special materials of glass, such as reinforced glass, non-reflective glass is also optional.

Performance classification: common type (standard), common type (M) for steam, heat resistant type (H), vibration resistant type (V), vibration resistant type (MV) for steam, heat resistant type (HV).

Treatment: oil/water repellent treatment removes water or oil remaining at the receiving end during manufacture.

The outer packing is specified: the color of the shell shall be specified except the standard color.

Throttle valve (optional) : to reduce the pulse pressure, the throttle valve is installed at the pressure inlet.