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Pressure Gauge Production Is Difficult
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Now of the pressure gauge is general by base, atlas, barton pipe, pointer, indicating panels, movement and transparent mask, as described in case set on the base of the surface of outer edge, the watch case and base into the lumen of set of input can be connected with liquid fluid and fluid input installed on the base, described the fluid input part and a at barton pipe connection, patton described tube connected to the machine, on the other side of the mentioned machine connected to a pointer. When the above pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure of the fluid, barton tube is affected by the pressure of the fluid, barton tube and the end of the movement of the movement movement, movement drive pointer rotation, so as to indicate the pressure of the fluid in the indicator panel. However, due to the relatively complex structure of the core, many parts and components, installation trouble, resulting in low production efficiency of the pressure gauge.