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Pressure Gauge--Piston Type Pressure Gauge Classification
- Oct 24, 2017 -

With the development of social science and technology, the piston pressure gauge in many engineering industries in the most widely used, it is accurate and fast. Low price, precision to maintain a long time. Is based on Pascal's law of a pressure standard. It is also the other instrument to test the accuracy of the instrument. Can quickly detect the highest precision of the pressure gauge, digital pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, etc. instrumentation.

Piston Pressure Gauge Category:

According to the market can be divided into: piston pressure gauge (wide range); vacuum piston pressure gauge; float pressure gauge; gas piston pressure gauge.

A, Piston-type pressure gauges (some also called wide-range piston-type pressure gauges, hanging-type piston pressure gauges, etc.)

The piston pressure gauge used to determine the accuracy of the manufactured piston gauge is called a double piston pressure gauge, or a primary and secondary integral piston pressure gauge. General users for the measurement, measurement hospital.

Piston pressure gauges are based on Pascal's law for a pressure gauge. Its working principle, when the oil cup valve is in the open state, through the hand pressure generator (or pressure checker) for the system to fill the media; when the oil cup valve is closed, the piston pressure gauge will become a closed Of the pressure system. And then through the hand pressure generator for this closed system for pressure control. Throughout the work process, the piston pressure gauge will follow the principle of hydrostatic balance to stabilize the work. When you add or subtract weights on the piston chassis, the system pressure will change. In order to balance the pressure of the system with the sum of the mass of the piston chassis and its connections and the standard weights carried at that time, it is also necessary to operate the system by means of a hand pressure generator (step-up) (Down) to the specified location. The system pressure in this state is a standard pressure value. Obviously, this is the practice of the definition of pressure concept, the accuracy of this pressure value will depend entirely on the effective area of the piston system and the quality of the special weight accuracy. If you need to lift the system closed state, as long as the hand pressure generator to the system down to the initial position of the piston chassis, the slow opening of the oil cup needle valve can be. It can be seen that the working principle of this piston-type pressure gauge is very simple.

Piston pressure development process:

Can detect high-precision pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, etc., the use of more concise, and now out of the cold are all new procedures, the use of oil must use sebacic acid diisoamyl ester or sebacic acid Diisooctyl ester. West Germany Piston pressure gauge in full compliance with JJG59-2007 "piston pressure gauge", JJG99-2006 "weight" national measurement verification procedures. Piston and piston cylinder with high strength, high hardness and low temperature linear expansion coefficient of alloy steel, tungsten carbide and other materials, the temperature coefficient of expansion is small, deformation is small, thus ensuring the piston effective area cycle rate of change is small, so as to ensure that the piston The pressure gauge has a very high sensitivity. Piston and piston cylinder by precision grinding, the roundness error and gap is very small; working medium with low viscosity sebacate, which greatly improve the piston rotation duration, it will reduce the piston descending speed, improve the piston identification force. For the needs of the verification work, so that the effective area of the piston is relatively small, so the total weight of the weight is relatively light, saving labor intensity. Using the tray to load directly, to avoid the additional vertical force, reducing the weight center of gravity, the corresponding reduction in weight lateral additional error. So that the piston rotation more stable. Piston working position using displacement sensor monitoring, with a sensitive, eye-catching, accurate advantages. The weight has been corrected for the pressure deformation factor and the local gravity acceleration. Inspection only need to check the piston measurement system, small size, light weight.

Use maintenance

Keep the piston clean and tidy in use! Use the best scrub with oil, especially the weight must be from time to time to rub the oil to prevent rust! For the piston part of the table there is a need to pay attention to is to use the plug must block the table block to prevent clogging! Use must pay attention to smooth, plus the best weight and other pistons to stop the rotation plus, there is the weight of the process must pay attention to the level, enough to easily lead to the piston rod broken! Basic on these! Hope it helps you! The gasket at the seal of the pressure gauge is often checked for its sealing, especially the washer mounted on the head of the meter, and the gasket is generally selected according to the size of the pressure. Low pressure for the oil-resistant rubber or nylon washers; medium pressure steel paper gasket; high pressure for the purple off; to prevent the use of gasket is not suitable for blocking oil.