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Pressure Gauge Instruments For Measuring Fluid Pressure
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The pressure gauge is the instrument that measures the fluid pressure. Usually the measured pressure is compared with a reference pressure (such as atmospheric pressure or other given pressure), so the relative pressure or pressure difference is measured.

Precision digital pressure gauge because of its simple operation, stable performance, intuitive readings, etc., has been the majority of lecturer workers to accept and recognition. Antel Instruments is one of the earliest companies to develop and produce digital pressure gauges. The first generation of products has been developed from the first generation in 1986 to the present sixth generation. The product performance has been improved and the varieties have been increased by a single barometer To the hydraulic table, active table, vacuum table, the company in the digital pressure gauge development and manufacturing has accumulated a lot of successful experience.

Precision digital pressure gauge is my factory for many years research, manufacturing intelligent digital pressure gauge crystallization. The instrument fully adopted the customer in the actual operation of the accumulated experience of the proposal, and reasonable and flexible use of microcomputer, integrated, laser technology to ensure the accuracy of the instrument and long-term stability. Can be used for lecturer room or on-site online testing, calibration pressure transmitter, spring tube type (precision) pressure gauge, pressure controller, etc. 0.05 level can pass the pressure instrument, is the ideal choice for customers the ideal pressure standard equipment.

Features: The pressure gauge with its high precision, range range, low maintenance costs, good anti-vibration characteristics, in the formation test still plays an important role. Especially in the process of measuring the joint process, the pressure gauge with its good resistance to vibration as the preferred measurement instrument. At present, China's oil field has 2 (X) -J pressure gauge is being used, therefore, better relieve the main failure of the pressure gauge is still instrument repair


Instruments for measuring fluid pressure. Usually the measured pressure is compared with a reference pressure (such as atmospheric pressure or other given pressure), so the relative pressure or pressure difference is measured. According to the working principle can be divided into liquid column, elastic and sensor type 3 kinds. Liquid column, such as U-tube pressure gauge, pipe pressure gauge, etc., is based on the principle of fluid static pressure signal into a liquid column height signal, often use water, alcohol or mercury as a pressure gauge. Elastic type, such as the package tube pressure gauge, the pressure signal into the elastic component of the mechanical deformation, the way the pointer deflection output signal. This type of pressure gauge is used in industrial systems. The principle of the pressure sensor is to convert the pressure signal into an electrical signal, such as the strain type, through the elastic element deformation caused by resistance changes; piezoelectric type, the use of piezoelectric effect. Liquid column pressure gauges are simple in structure, high in sensitivity and accuracy, and are often used to calibrate other types of pressure gauges. The disadvantage is that they are bulky, slow to respond, and are difficult to measure automatically. Elastic pressure gauge easy to use, large pressure range, but the accuracy is low, the same can not be automatically measured. A variety of pressure sensors can be miniaturized, more accurate and fast measurement, in particular, to measure dynamic pressure, to achieve multi-point tour detection, signal conversion, long-distance transmission, and computer connected, timely processing, etc., and thus rapid development and extensive application The