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Pressure Gauge Elasticity
- Jul 24, 2017 -

(1). Liquid column, such as U-tube pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge pipe pressure gauge, etc., is based on the principle of fluid static pressure signal into a liquid column height signal, often use water, alcohol or mercury as a pressure gauge. Features: simple structure, intuitive readings, Pressure Gauge the signal can not be far away, suitable for low-pressure measurement, the upper limit of measurement does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa; accuracy of ± 0.02% to ± 0.15%.

(2). Elastic type, such as the package tube pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge the pressure signal into the elastic component of the mechanical deformation, Pressure Gauge the way the pointer deflection output signal. But more cases require the signal to the control room, generally in the existing flexible dynamometer structure to increase the conversion components, you can achieve long-distance transmission of the signal. The elastic dynamometer signal is mostly used in the telemetry mode, that is, the deformation or displacement of the elastic element is converted into electrical signal output. Pressure Gauge Common conversion methods are potentiometer, Hall element type, Pressure Gauge inductive, differential transformer type. Industrial use of flexible pressure gauge.

(3). The principle of pressure sensor is the pressure signal into a certain electrical signal, common are: strain, piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive.

A. Strain type: Strain element works based on the conductor and the semiconductor "strain effect", that is, when the conductor and semiconductor material mechanical deformation, Pressure Gauge the resistance will change.

B. Piezoresistive: Piezoresistive pressure sensor, Pressure Gauge also known as diffusion silicon pressure sensor, is based on the semiconductor piezoresistive effect. It is different from the strain sensor used in the body strain components, but with the integrated circuit technology directly on the silicon flat film made by a certain crystal orientation to the formation of diffusion varistor. Silicon flat film in the microwave deformation of a good elastic properties. Pressure Gauge The deformation of the diaphragm changes the resistance of the diffusion resistance.

C. Piezoelectric type: is the use of piezoelectric material piezoelectric effect of the measured pressure into electrical signals, it is commonly used in dynamic pressure detection sensor, Pressure Gauge not suitable for measuring slow changes in pressure and static pressure. Piezoelectric elements made of piezoelectric materials are subjected to pressure, and when the external force is removed, the charge disappears. Pressure Gauge In the elastic range, the amount of charge generated by the piezoelectric element is linearly related to the force.

D. Capacitive type: is the elastic component of the displacement is converted to the capacitance of the change in order to measure the diaphragm as a capacitor movable plate, Pressure Gauge which constitutes a variable capacitor with the fixed plate. When the measured pressure changes, Pressure Gauge the pressure diaphragm to produce displacement and change the distance between the two plates, measuring the corresponding capacitance changes, Pressure Gauge we can see the measured pressure value.

The pressure gauges still play an important role in the formation test because of its high accuracy, large range range, low maintenance cost and good anti-vibration performance. Pressure Gauge Especially in the process of measuring the joint process, the pressure gauge with its good resistance to vibration as the preferred measurement instrument. At present, China's oil fields have 2 (X) -J pressure gauge is being used, Pressure Gauge therefore, to better relieve the main failure of the pressure gauge is still instrument repair