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Pressure Gauge Design
- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. Pressure Gauge The upper limit of the pressure gauge is based on the size, Pressure Gauge stiffness and non-linearity of the spring tube. The upper limit of the measurement is 1 × 10 n, 1.6 × 10 n, 2.5 × 10 n, 4 × 10 n , 6 × 10 n five series, n is a positive integer, Pressure Gauge negative integer or zero.

2. Digital pressure gauge pressure range: -100kPa ~ 2kPa ~ 260MPa.

3. Pressure gauge below 1/3 range part of the lower accuracy, Pressure Gauge should not be used. When selecting the upper limit of measurement, Pressure Gauge in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the pressure gauge, to maintain its service life, generally should be greater than the maximum pressure of 1 /

4. Select the scope of use, Pressure Gauge according to the general situation of the load situation, should use the full range of 1/3 to 2/3 is appropriate, Pressure Gauge because the use of high accuracy, and in both stable and fluctuating load use. Pressure Gauge The maximum range of use shall not exceed 3/4 of the full scale of the dial

1. For measuring viscous or acid and other special medium, should use stainless steel spring tube, stainless steel movement, stainless steel shell or bakelite shell. Pressure Gauge According to the measured medium, the pressure gauge should be specified on the color, and indicate the name of the special medium, oxygen table must be marked with red "oil" words.

2. When installing against the wall, Pressure Gauge should use the edge of the pressure gauge; directly installed on the pipeline, should use the edge of the pressure gauge; for direct measurement of gas, should be selected behind the case with a safety hole pressure gauge. Pressure Gauge For the pressure measurement position and easy to observe the management considerations, should choose the size of the case diameter.

3. According to the use of pressure gauge can be divided into ordinary pressure gauge, ammonia pressure gauge, oxygen pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge electrical pressure gauge, remote pressure gauge, vibration pressure gauge, with test pointer pressure gauge, double needle double or double needle single Tube pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge digital pressure gauge, digital precision pressure gauge, and so on.

1. The accuracy level of the pressure gauge is a measure of the accuracy of the indication value and the true value in the comparison between the test table and the precision table. Pressure Gauge It is equal to the maximum basic error absolute value and the percentage of the upper limit of the measurement is based on the size of the error generated by the calibration to determine the size.

2. China's general industrial pressure gauge is divided into four accuracy levels, in line with JJG52-1999 "spring tube general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum table" test procedures for the pressure meter to allow the allowable error. The four levels of accuracy are: Level 1, Level 1.6, Level 2.5, Level 4. The allowable error (calculated as a percentage of the upper limit of the measurement) is ± 1%, ± 1.6%, ± 2.5%, ± 4%, respectively. The same time as the above-

3. China 2005 new digital pressure gauge verification procedures announced the implementation of, Pressure Gauge in line with JJG875-2005 "digital pressure gauge verification procedures." Pressure Gauge The accuracy of the pressure is ± 0.01%, ± 0.02%, ± 0.05%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.2%, ± 0.5%, ± 1.0%, ± 1.6% respectively. For example, Shenzhen Tianhua Technology Co., Ltd. produced XY series digital pressure gauge were ± 0.02%, ± 0.05%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.2% and so on.

4. Reasonable choice of pressure gauge accuracy level method, should be based on the production process, economical and practical, testing methods and other requirements, Pressure Gauge according to the required minimum pressure required to allow the error to select the accuracy level.

1. The general pressure gauge spring tube is a certain cross-sectional shape (commonly used flat and approximate oval two), bent into "C" shape, and can meet certain elastic requirements of the tubular spring. Pressure Gauge If the spring tube is too small, Pressure Gauge it will affect the accuracy of the pressure gauge level.

2. The pressure gauge shows more than the allowable error, it should adjust the table of the indication adjustment screw, if the table does not show the adjustment screw, Pressure Gauge this table can only be judged as unqualified.

3. Pressure gauge dial line should be uniform, Pressure Gauge the pointer should be able to cover the end of the shortest line length of 1/3 to 2/3.

4. With a non-stop pressure gauge, Pressure Gauge in the absence of pressure or vacuum when the pointer should be close to the pin, "scaling" shall not exceed the required allowable error.

5. Pressure gauge case should be able to protect the internal parts from pollution, the pressure gauge should be equipped with safety holes, Pressure Gauge safety holes need to have dust-proof device.

6. Digital pressure gauge. It depends on the overall structure of the rationality of the selected material, Pressure Gauge electronic components of the aging process, long-term stability.