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Pressure Gauge Corresponding Gas Source
- Jun 02, 2017 -

 Pressure Gauge The gas piston type pressure gauge is a measuring apparatus for pressure measurement using hydrostatic equilibrium (i.e., the fluid pressure acting on the piston's effective area and the gravity equilibrium of the load). Generally by the piston system, special weight, Pressure Gauge pressure calibrator, and also need to be equipped with the corresponding gas source.

BNHSQ Series Gas piston pressure gauge is a high accuracy pressure standard, with gas work medium, can measure and calibrate table pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum pressure (negative pressure) and so on. PISTON rod, piston tube material is tungsten carbide, with rust, Pressure Gauge wear and long service life characteristics. By comparing the piston pressure gauges of the gas work medium with the piston manometer of the liquid work medium, the piston of the gas piston pressure gauge has long rotation duration, Pressure Gauge high sensitivity, good repeatability and accurate and reliable measurement data.

Performance characteristics:

Conform to Jyg1086-2013 "Gas piston manometer verification rules" and Jy G99-2006 "weight verification rules".

The piston rod and piston cylinder adopt tungsten carbide material with high strength, Pressure Gauge hardness and low expansion coefficient, which improves the wear-resisting degree and reduces the coefficient of expansion and deformation.

The weight is made of non-magnetic metal material, and the pressure deformation coefficient and local acceleration are corrected.

Optional kg weights and MPA weights, Pressure Gauge used for the transfer of the verification of piston-type pressure gauges, can also be used for the verification of digital pressure gauges, precision pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and high-precision testing purposes.

The load weight adopts the hanging basket structure, the center of gravity is low, the stability is good.

The nominal range is consistent with the measurement range, and other special measurement ranges can be customized according to user's requirement.

Piston working position using high-precision sensor, Pressure Gauge LCD display, high sensitivity, eye-catching intuitive.

The working medium is high purity nitrogen, and is equipped with positive and negative pressure conversion valve, which can simultaneously access vacuum pump and nitrogen bottle.

The use of two M20 X1.5 fast pressure joints, can simultaneously check two only checked table, disassembly convenient and quick.

Aluminum alloy box, rugged light, generous appearance, easy to carry.

Each can be accompanied by the national Statutory metrological verification agency issued the "Certificate of Accreditation.