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Pressure Gauge Accuracy Grade
- Jun 06, 2018 -

1. The accuracy level of the pressure gauge reflects the accuracy of the indicator value close to the real value in the comparison between the inspected gauge and the precision gauge. It is equal to the percentage of the absolute value of the maximum basic error and the upper limit of the measurement, which is determined by the size of the error generated in the verification.

2, the Chinese general industrial pressure gauges will be divided into four grades, accuracy accord with JJG52-1999 "spring tube general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum table of verification regulation for pressure gauge for permissible error. The four accuracy levels are :1, 1.6, 2.5 and 4. The allowable error (calculated as a percentage of the upper limit of measurement) is plus or minus 1%, plus or minus 1.6%, plus or minus 2.5%, and plus or minus 4%, respectively.

3. China promulgated and implemented the new digital pressure gauge verification regulation in 2005, which conforms to jjg875-2005 digital pressure gauge verification regulation. Set pressure accuracy + / - 0.01% respectively, plus or minus 0.02%, plus or minus 0.05%, plus or minus 0.1%, plus or minus 0.2%, plus or minus 0.5%, plus or minus 1.0%, plus or minus 1.6%.

4, and reasonable method of selecting accuracy degree, should according to the production process, economic and practical, detection methods, such as the demands, according to the measured pressure to the minimum required to choose the accuracy of permissible error level.