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On The Pressure Gauge Upper Limit Of Measurement
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. Pressure gauge upper limit value measurement is based on the size of the spring tube size, stiffness, nonlinear design of measuring ceiling values 1x10n, 1.6x10n,2.5x10n, 4x10n, 6x10n five series, n is a positive or negative integer or zero.

2. Digital pressure gauge pressure range: -100kPa ~ 2kPa ~ 260MPa.

3. Low pressure table below the 1/3 range accuracy, should not be used. Choose theupper limit of measurement, in order to ensure safe and reliable pressure gauge to work to maintain its service life, generally be greater than the maximum workingpressure of 1/3.

4. Choose to use the range, according to the status of universal, should use a full range of 1/3 ~ 2/3, because this use of high accuracy and smooth, wave two loadscan be used. Use shall not exceed a maximum full scale range of 3/4.