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On The Pressure Gauge Repair And Maintenance Knowledge
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. After a period of use and under pressure, pressure gauge movement it is inevitable there will be some deformation and wear, pressure gauge will produce various errors and failures. In order to ensure the accuracy of its original value withoutpassing false, should be replaced, to ensure correct, safe and reliable.

2. The pressure gauges must be cleaned regularly. Because the pressure inside is not clean, it will increase the mechanical wear, thus affecting its work, severe pressure meter, scrapped.

3. The pressure gauge installed in the pressure parts, according to the JJG52-1999rules, its calibration cycle is generally no more than six months. Related to production safety and environmental monitoring pressure gauges, test cycle must be in accordance with the test procedures, which can be less than six months; if mining conditions, test period must be shorter.

4. Parts of the pressure wave, heavy use and high accuracy requirements, as well as security requirements more stringent, test cycle should be shortened according to specific situations.