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Most Of The Children Did Not Do The Thing, The Changxing Company Did It! Moving Countless People...
- Apr 18, 2018 -

       Located in changxing economic and technological development zone, hongqi meters (changxing) co., LTD. Is busy as usual. At the work station, the pressure gauge has just received a call from her hometown in chongqing. Her mother told her that she had received the 200 yuan this month.图片2.png

        "Filial piety accumulation fund"? What the hell is that? What is it for? Listen to what was said before.

"The company deducts 100 yuan from my salary every month, then subsidizes 100 yuan, hits my mother's bank card." Has far is one of the first to enjoy the treatment of employees in the company, from the start of the year, every time the mother's bank card receive money, will call him, "every month, the first month received when she was very happy, said package than Chinese New Year back home for her a red envelope is happy."图片1.png

         Adjusting the pressure gauge was one of the first people to enjoy the "1+1" treatment.

         The activity of "filial piety 1+1" originated from the red flag instrument and has been promoting the "home and culture".

         "Since 2014, the company has been integrating 'home and culture' into the corporate culture through various channels." "The migrant workers are the main force of the employees," said li dongdong, secretary of the party branch of the company. "for the children of the workers, we have set up a summer school for young migrant birds, and then they come to join their parents. While the parents of the employees are mostly in their hometown, the activity of "filial piety 1+1" can get the old people to get a fixed income every month, while also feel the filial piety of their children.

          The red flag instrument already has more than 70 employees' parents, each month receives "the filial accumulation fund". Next, the treatment will cover the parents of all the company's employees, who are expected to spend nearly half a million dollars a year caring for their parents. For the red flag instrument corporate culture thumb up.