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Mileage On The Pressure Gauges Selection
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. In order to guarantee the safety of pressure gauges in elastic deformation of elastic component work reliably within pressure range of choices under pressure is to be measured not only, but should also take into account the measured pressureof the rate of change, the need to leave enough room for the quantum. When using a pressure gauge to measure pressure, maximum working pressure should notexceed 2/3 of range;

2. Using a pressure gauge to measure pressure, maximum working pressure should not exceed 1/2 of range;

3. When using a pressure gauge to measure pressure, maximum working pressureshould not exceed 3/5 of range. In order to ensure accuracy of measurement, theminimum working pressure should not be below the 1/3 range. In accordance withthis principle, according to the maximum pressure to be measured to calculate a value, select from the pressure gauge product catalog is slightly greater than the value of the measurement range.

4. Should be selected according to the working pressure of the boiler, limit of thequantum scale value should be 1.5~3.0 times the working pressure, preferably twice. In industrial boilers, the reality is that actual working pressure of the boiler is always lower than the rated pressure of the plate, industrial steam boilers and hot water heating boiler is true. For example 4t/h steam boilers, rated pressure is 1MPa, manufacturers such as by 1.5 times is equipped with a pressure gauge, should be equipped with the 1.6MPa-range pressure gauge. If the user due to productionneeds, running at 0. Able to meet the technical requirements under the pressure of5MPa, then run range, the pointer of the pressure gauge refers to the one-third ofrange of location, the pointer turn angle is very small. That selection pressure range is too big.

So does the hot water boilers, for example heating boilers the rated pressure is 0.7MPa, equipped with a pressure gauge should be 1MPa or 1.6MPa, equipped with a pressure of 1MPa table, hydrostatic test pressure gauge overload, and it wasequipped with measuring range 1. 6MPa pressure gauge. At runtime, only 0. 2MPato meet heating requirements, location of the pointer of the pressure gauge in the range one-eighth, it is difficult to make people believe that the pressure gauge accuracy and sensitivity.

5. In order to solve the above problems, two pressure gauges should be used, when the hydrostatic test, using pressure rating boiler plant equipped with pressuregauge;

6. In the daily run time according to the actual working pressure of twice come equipped with a pressure gauge. If the working pressure is 0.2MPa, that is equippedwith the 0.4MPa range of pressure gauges. This pointer in the middle of the dial position, straight up. Pressure of the relief valve is adjusted according to the working pressure, pressure gauge there is sufficient margin to cope with overpressures instructions.