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Medical Thermometers Should Not Be Carried On Airplanes
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Lighters, knives, smelly food and so on cannot be carried on airplanes, as many passengers may know, but can mercury thermometers be carried on airplanes? Since the Spring Festival travel rush this year, a large number of medical thermometers have been seized at the airport security inspection station in guilin, averaging dozens a day. Many passengers are wondering why they can't carry a thermometer with them. Here's your explanation.

In order to be safe in flight, the civil aviation administration of China (CAAC) adjusted the rules for flying a few items in 2018. Medical or clinical thermometers are not allowed to carry mercury (mercury, volatile toxic substances) but can be consigned to a protective box. Some passengers do not clearly specify that they have not checked the thermometer when checking their luggage, and have been found out during personal inspection. If they have not checked their luggage in time or have not enough luggage, they have to abandon themselves.

Airport security again reminds you: for flight safety, please understand the security work; In order to avoid your property loss, please understand the relevant security regulations before you take the flight.