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Main Types Of Instruments
- Jun 01, 2018 -

: glass thermometer, bimetal thermometer, pressure thermometer, thermocouple, thermal resistance,

Non-contact thermometer, temperature control (adjustment) device, temperature transmitter, temperature calibration instrument, temperature sensor, temperature tester, etc.

Human body thermometer and blood pressure meter;

Pressure gauge, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure calibration instrument, pressure reducer, tire pressure gauge, pressure automatic adjustment control instruments, hydraulic automatic adjustment control instruments, pressure sensor;

Flow meter, flow meter, flow sensor, flow meter, water meter, gas meter, liquid level transmitter, liquid level relay, level gauge, oil, water level gauge, liquid level controller, measuring instrument;

Electrical instrument and meter, ammeter, voltmeter, current power frequency table, the current distribution, test pencil, circuit breaker, switch, contactor, relays, terminal blocks, voltage regulator, voltage monitoring, intelligent power monitor, voltage regulator, megohmmeter, clip-on table, multimeter, electricity transmitter, current transducer, rectifier, ballast;

Electronic measuring instruments: LCR measuring instrument, position meter, viscometer, oscilloscope, signal generator;

Analytical instruments: chromatography, chromatography accessories, photometer, moisture meter, balance, thermal analysis instruments, ray analysis instrument, spectrometer, physical properties analysis instrument, photographic equipment, spectrum analyzer;

Optical instrument, spectrophotometer, refractometer, color filter, filter, prism, lens, spectrometer, color difference meter, optoelectronics, laser instrument, telescope, microscope, magnifying glass, theodolite, level, spectrometer;

Industrial automation instrument: control system, regulating valve, regulating instrument, multi-function instrument, heating equipment,

Winding machine, device, intelligent instrument, safety barrier, frequency converter, modules, paperless recorder, probe, amplifier, acceleration sensor, speed sensor, displacement sensor, speed sensor, current sensor, tension sensor;

Experimental apparatus: balance instrument, constant temperature experimental equipment, vacuum measuring instruments, heat meter, incubator, incubator, corrosion test chamber, hardness tester, drying oven, drying oven, oscillator, mixer, centrifuger, water (oil) bath pot, constant temperature water tank;

Measuring tools: gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, tape, percentage meter;

Measuring instrument: roundness meter, three-coordinate measuring machine, gas momentum meter;

Actuator: electric actuator and pneumatic actuator;

Special power supply for instrument: dc power supply, stabilized power supply, ac power supply, switching power supply, uninterrupted power supply, inverter power supply

Display instrument: digital display instrument;

Supply instruments: counter, meter, thermostat, constant voltage meter, meter reading system, meter;

General purpose experimental instruments: electric heating plate, electric heat sleeve, homogenizer, distiller, disperser, tamper;

Mechanical measuring instruments: thickness measuring instrument, altimeter, force measuring instrument, speed measuring instrument;

Weighing apparatus: quantitative scale, platform scale, track scale, weighing scale, weighing sensor, electronic scale, ground scale, belt scale, lifting scale, batching scale;

Industry professional testing instruments: wind speed wind temperature air flow meter, temperature and humidity meter, the dust meter, noise, water quality analysis testing instrument, the acidity meter/PH meter, conductivity meter, polarograph, sampler, gas analysis instrument, the light meter, sound level meter, dust particle counter, food oil testing instrument, mercury measurement instrument;

Testing equipment: tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, bending machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, universal testing machine, test chamber, non-metallic materials testing machine, balance machine, nondestructive testing instrument, process testing machine, force and deformation of detector, automotive test equipment, packaging machine, fatigue testing machine, strength testing machine, testing, vibration table.