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- Jul 06, 2018 -

In view of this series instrument not only has the advantages of novel design and reliable in structure, variety specification is complete, the action, the characteristics of good stability and strong adaptability, and a measurement and control and the advantages of small, simple installation and maintenance, therefore, it is the difference in general instructions, switch adjustment and without the pressure setting device, the incomparable pressure measurement and control instrument.

In order to satisfy the different of measured object (such as seismic or corrosion resistance and the explosion-proof requirements), can be used in accordance with requirements of seismic electric contact pressure gauge or corrosion electric contact pressure gauge and explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge, etc.

Common contact pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids which have no corrosion on copper alloys and iron.

Anticorrosive contact pressure gauges are mainly made of stainless steel for measuring pressure elements and meter shells, which are suitable for measuring corrosive gas and liquid pressure.

Anti-corrosion and shock-resistant contact pressure gauges can be used to measure the strong pulsation of media and large environmental vibration in places where the pressure gauge is filled with oil and the liquid damping is used to ensure no vibration display.

Explosion-proof contact pressure gauges are suitable for dangerous places with explosive mixtures in the environment.