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Instrument Characteristics
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Instrumentation professional academic features: instrument science and technology is the precision machinery, electronic technology, photoelectric technology, computer technology is given priority to, and with precision instruments and machinery, measurement technology and instruments, electrical engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, control science and engineering disciplines multidisciplinary cross each other and mutual infiltration. It comprises two secondary disciplines, namely precision instruments and machinery and measurement techniques and instruments.

Instruments in the field of technical features: instrumentation engineering include: product development, process development, equipment design, technical innovation, quality control, measurement testing, enterprise management, the new plant construction, project planning, the introduction of digestion, absorption, distribution, project feasibility study, etc. As instruments in the field of technology development, new sensors and access to information, process measurement and control system, equipment and control integration technology, Microsystems measuring instrument and manufacture technology, new type of measuring instrument and measuring benchmark studies gradually become important technology development trend of this field.

In the field of instrument and meter industry characteristics: instrumentation industry coverage includes: in the field of engineering science instruments, analytical instruments, optical instruments, testing machine, laboratory instruments, industrial automation instrument, electrical measuring instruments, information technology universal and special automatic test system, medical equipment and other industries.