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How To Calculate The Precision Of Precision Instrument Isolation?
- May 19, 2018 -

Suppose it is a 1310nm+1550nm dual wavelength WDM system, ODU (sub wave device) 1 ports for IN, 2 for 1310nm out, 3 for 1550nm out.

Isolation should be tested in this way.

Using a stable light source (using OTU as a signal source) to send out the light of 1310nm, the light power is tested by OSA (spectral analyzer) to Pin1, and the light signal is introduced into the ODU1 port. The output light power of OSA in 2 ports is Pout2, and the output light power of the test is Pout3 in the 3 port.

The insertion loss of 1-2 ports is Pin1-Pout2

The channel isolation of 3 ports to 2 ports is Pout2-Pout3, the value is positive, and the unit is dB.

Conversely, when the optical signals of 1550nm are input into 1 ports, the insertion loss of 1-3 ports and the channel isolation of 2 ports to 3 ports can be tested by the same steps.

The above test can also use optical power meter instead of OSA, but the test accuracy is slightly less.