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High Precision Pressure Gauge Working Principle
- Oct 24, 2017 -

High-precision pressure gauge in the pressure value transfer and precision measurement of the field, the most commonly used instrumentation should be a precision pressure gauge. Because of its simple structure, indicating intuitive, continuous indication, stable performance and has been widely used

At present, the domestic manufacturers of precision pressure gauge structure is similar, mainly by the interface support components, measuring institutions, transmission amplifier and display device components.

The measuring element is composed of a single-loop or multi-turn spring tube, which is the core part of the precision pressure gauge. The transmission mechanism is composed of a gear transmission mechanism and a gear transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism is composed of a gear transmission mechanism and a gear transmission mechanism. Rod mechanism, is a key component of precision pressure gauge, transmission amplifier is used to convert the free end of the spring tube to enlarge the amplification; display device by the instrument dial and knife-shaped pointer, knife-shaped pointer with a mirror Can reduce the display error, improve the reading accuracy. Dial on the mirror ring and metal mirror and polyester platinum film mirror of the points, the metal mirror has a high mirror effect and long life, no deformation, more applications. There are four types of cohesion in the precision gauge structure:

First, with a dedicated tool to manually draw the line, its accuracy and effect can be imagined;

Second, with a dedicated sub - engraved sub - engraved system engraved engraved line, to achieve the same domain uniform index, with a good linear;

Three can be changed to print a dial dial, the material allows a small amount of printed lines have been printed a small amount of redraw to ensure that the accuracy is reduced by the full scale of the printed line of linearity;

Fourth, the uniform degree of printing engraved dial dial, the material does not allow any changes to the printed engraved line, with a good full range of linear, clear line, easy to easy maintenance. The use of this dial precision pressure gauge manufacturing process requirements are relatively high, while requiring its elastic components to have a better linearity and transmission amplifier institutions have higher requirements.

Precision pressure gauge is a spring tube for the measurement of components of high precision pressure measuring instruments, mainly used to verify the industrial pressure gauge, can also be used for online measurement of working medium pressure.

The working principle of precision pressure gauge is: When the measured medium through the interface components into the elastic sensor (spring tube) cavity, the elastic sensor in the measured medium pressure under the action of its free end will produce the corresponding displacement, displacement Through the gear drive magnification mechanism and the rod mechanism to convert to the corresponding angular displacement, synchronized with the angular displacement of the instrument pointer will show the device on the dial line to indicate the pressure of the measured medium. When the precision pressure gauge and pressure calibration equipment group, you can form a precision pressure gauge standard device or pressure calibration device, the operator by comparing the measured object and the precise pressure value of one by one way to achieve the value of the pressure value Pass or check the pressure of the measured object.