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High Precision Pressure Gauge Extensive Application
- Jul 11, 2017 -

1, High Precision Pressure Gauge the pressure gauge according to its measurement accuracy, High Precision Pressure Gauge can be divided into precision pressure gauge, the general pressure gauge.

2, the pressure gauge according to the pressure of its reference to different, divided into general pressure gauge, absolute pressure gauge, High Precision Pressure Gauge differential pressure table.

3, the pressure gauge according to its measurement range, divided into vacuum table, pressure vacuum table, micro-pressure table, low pressure table, High Precision Pressure Gauge medium pressure table and high pressure table.

4, the pressure gauge according to its composition, liquid column, electronic and mechanical. High Precision Pressure Gauge This part is made on mechanical.

In the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, High Precision Pressure Gauge mechanical pressure gauges due to the elasticity of the components with high mechanical strength and ease of production and other characteristics, High Precision Pressure Gauge making the mechanical pressure gauge has been more and more widely used.

1, composition

Elastic sensor components gear transmission mechanism pointer shell and so on

2, the principle

Pressure gauge through the table of sensitive parts of the elastic deformation, High Precision Pressure Gauge and then by the table within the mechanical conversion mechanism to the pressure deformation to the pointer, High Precision Pressure Gauge causing the pointer to show the pressure rotation.

3, the type of elastic sensitive components:

Spring tube (Bourdon tube), High Precision Pressure Gauge diaphragm, membrane box, bellows.

Mechanical pressure gauge and thus classified.

4, spring tube pressure gauge

Spring tube (Bourdon tube) is divided into C-tube, High Precision Pressure Gauge coil reed, spiral tube and other types.

The spring tube can easily change the pressure into the elastic displacement of the free end of the spring tube by using the elastic property of the spring tube under the action of the cavity pressure. High Precision Pressure Gauge The measuring range of the spring tube is generally 0.1MPa ~ 250MPa.

At present, the domestic manufacturers of pressure gauge structure is much the same, High Precision Pressure Gauge mainly by the interface support components, High Precision Pressure Gauge measuring institutions, transmission amplifier and display device components.

The working principle is: When the measured medium through the interface components into the elastic sensor (spring tube) cavity, the elastic sensor in the measured medium under the action of its free end will produce a corresponding displacement, the corresponding displacement through the gear The transmission mechanism and the lever mechanism are converted to the corresponding angular displacement, High Precision Pressure Gauge and the instrument pointer synchronized with the angular displacement will indicate the pressure of the measured medium on the dial line of the indicator device

The accuracy level of the pressure gauge is divided by the percentage of the scale value of the dial scale, and the greater the number of precision levels, High Precision Pressure Gauge the greater the tolerance of the dial scale. The greater the range of the pressure gauge, High Precision Pressure Gauge the same accuracy rating of the pressure gauge, it measured the absolute value of the pressure value to allow the greater the error.

Frequently used pressure gauge accuracy of 2.5, 1.5 level. High Precision Pressure Gauge  If it is 1.0 and 0.5 are high precision pressure gauge, and now some digital pressure gauge has reached 0.25 level.

The dial indicates the entire disk. Generally divided into large, medium and small. Small is generally 60 mm or less, medium is 60 to 150 mm, and large is 150 mm or more. Through the disc glass or other transparent material of the dial we can see the pointer of the show, High Precision Pressure Gauge easy to observe and record.

1, the pressure to take the source parts of the installation location should be selected in the media flow stabilized place.

2, measured with dust, High Precision Pressure Gauge solid particles or sediment and other turbid medium pressure, the source components should be inclined to install upwards. High Precision Pressure Gauge In the level of the process pipeline should be appropriate to install a sharp angle.

3, the pressure to take the source components in the horizontal and inclined process piping installation, High Precision Pressure Gauge take the pressure port should meet the following requirements:

(1), when measuring gas pressure, High Precision Pressure Gauge in the upper half of the process piping.

(2), measuring the liquid pressure, High Precision Pressure Gauge in the lower part of the process pipeline and the horizontal center line of the process pipeline in the range of 0 to 45 degrees.

(3), when measuring the vapor pressure, High Precision Pressure Gauge in the upper and lower half of the process pipeline and the horizontal line of the process pipeline 0 ~ 45 degrees within the scope of the angle.