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Hall Current Sensor Compensation Principle
- Oct 17, 2018 -

The main loop of the primary side one measured current I1, will produce a magnetic flux Φ 1, was deputy edge of compensating coil current through I2 flux produced by Φ balance of magnetic state after 2 to compensate, hall device is always in the detection of zero flux. So it's called hall magnetic compensation current sensor. This advanced principle mode is superior to the direct inspection principle mode. Its outstanding advantages are fast response time and high measurement accuracy, especially suitable for the detection of weak current.

Know: 1 = Φ Φ 2

I1N1 = I2N2

I1, I2 = NI/N2

When the compensation current I2 flows through the measuring resistance RM, it is converted into voltage at both ends of RM. As a sensor, voltage U0 is measured: U0=I2RM

The current sensor of rated input from ~ series specification is made according to hall magnetic compensation principle.

The cost increases because the magnetically compensated current sensor must wrap thousands of turns of compensating coil around the magnetic ring. Secondly, the working current consumption increases accordingly. However, it has the advantages of high accuracy and fast response which cannot be compared with direct detection.