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- Jun 29, 2018 -

Gas is all that exists in the nature of natural gas, including atmosphere, hydrosphere, and various natural process of formation of the gas in the lithosphere (including oil field gas, gas, mud gas and coalbed methane gas and biological generated gas, etc.). The definition of natural gas, which has long been commonly used, is a narrow definition from the perspective of energy. In petroleum geology, usually oil field gas and gas field gas. It is composed mainly of hydrocarbons and contains non-hydrocarbon gases.

Natural gas is contained in underground multi-pore rock formations, including oil field gas, gas field gas, coalbed gas, mud volcanic gas and biogenic gas, and a small amount is also produced from coal seams. It is a high quality fuel and chemical raw material.

Natural gas is mainly used as fuel and can produce carbon black, chemicals and liquefied petroleum gas. Propane and butane produced by natural gas are important raw materials for modern industry. Natural gas is mainly composed of gaseous low molecular hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon gases.