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Fourth Development Direction Of Pressure Gauge BBS
- Jan 31, 2019 -

35 pressure gauge sales elites from all over the country gathered in hongqi instrument (changxing) co., ltd. to participate in the fourth session of the development direction of the pressure gauge held by hongqi instrument BBS, exchange the status quo of the pressure gauge industry, and discuss the future development of the pressure gauge.


Chairman zhou fanglong first on behalf of the company to participate in the BBS pressure gauge sales elite expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks. He starts from the hot spot of current domestic and foreign economic situation and trend trend, and elaborates the current situation and problems of domestic pressure gauge sales market from a strategic perspective. He believes that now is an era of both challenges and opportunities, and the key is to seize the opportunities, face up to the difficulties, rise up against the adversity and achieve rapid growth. According to zhou fanglong, the purpose of holding BBS is to jointly discuss the problems faced, analyze the reasons, find countermeasures, and how to strengthen cooperation and form a win-win pattern in the new era, new situation and new challenges of Internet +.7DNK7P$[UNSW2(E`N$YI799