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Digital Pressure Gauge Test Requirements
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Pressure gauge in fact, regardless of hydraulic or pressure, Digital Pressure Gauge that is, hydraulic pressure gauge, can also be used in air pressure test. Digital Pressure Gauge The pressure gauge on the hydraulic station can also be used in steel drums. The most important thing is that the pressure gauge pressure range to meet the test requirements.

In order to reasonable, the economic use of pressure gauges, pressure gauge range can not be selected too much, but in order to ensure the measurement accuracy, Digital Pressure Gauge the measured pressure is not less than the minimum pressure gauge full scale of 1/3 is appropriate. At the same time in order to extend the life of the elastic components to avoid elastic components due to long-term force is too large and permanent deformation, Digital Pressure Gauge the upper limit of the pressure gauge should be higher than the maximum measured (range of 1/2 to 1/3), leaving margin.

For example, the standard pressure of the drum airtight test is 30kPa, then the range of the pressure gauge for the airtight test should be 60kPa ~ 90kPa. Another example, Digital Pressure Gauge the steel drum hydraulic test standard pressure value of 250kPa, then the hydraulic pressure gauge for the range should be selected 500kPa ~ 750kPa appropriate.

The accuracy of the pressure gauge is determined by the maximum measurement error allowed by the test. Digital Pressure Gauge Can not be considered the choice of the pressure gauge the higher the better, Digital Pressure Gauge should meet the test requirements under the premise, Digital Pressure Gauge as far as possible the use of low precision, cheap and durable instrument.

According to the national standard of the People's Republic of China GB / T 17344-1998 "packaging and packaging containers airtight test method" provides that the drum airtight test should be selected for the accuracy of two kilometer table. Steel drum hydraulic test can choose the accuracy of 1.6 or 2 level of the table.

Digital pressure gauge in all aspects of the characteristics are better than the pointer pressure gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge digital pressure gauge as the latest generation of pressure gauge to overcome the low voltage, low power consumption of the sensor performance, Digital Pressure Gauge the successful solution of the sensor temperature drift and battery voltage fluctuations , Has become the best alternative to pointer pressure gauge. We can of course choose, Digital Pressure Gauge but the price of digital pressure gauge more expensive.

1, the general medium, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., can be used ordinary pressure gauge.

2, for special media need special pressure gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge such as ammonia with ammonia pressure gauge; oxygen with oxygen pressure gauge; hydrogen pressure gauge; acetylene with acetylene pressure gauge and so on.

3. For general corrosive media, and corrosive gas environment, Digital Pressure Gauge the choice of stainless steel pressure gauge.

4. For the measurement of viscosity, easy to crystallize, corrosive, Digital Pressure Gauge high temperature liquid, gas or solid floating media pressure measurement, Digital Pressure Gauge the choice of diaphragm pressure gauge.

5. Pressure measurement for pulsed media and mechanical vibration. Selection of seismic pressure gauge.

6. Far away requirements can be used when the remote type pressure gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge remote signal with current and resistance and voltage type.

7. Control contact protection can be used when the choice of electrical contact pressure gauge.

8. Explosion-proof requirements must be used when the explosion-proof type, Digital Pressure Gauge such as explosion-proof electrical contact pressure gauge