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Digital Pressure Gauge Selection And Use Of Precautions
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Digital pressure gauges are common measuring instruments and are widely used in various fields. It can visually show the pressure changes in the various processes, insight into the formation of conditions in the product or media process, monitoring the production process of the safety trends, and through automatic chain or sensor device to build a fast and reliable security, In order to prevent accidents, protect the personal and property safety play an important role, known as the safety of the "eyes".

(1) The digital pressure gauge mounted on the boiler and pressure vessel, the maximum range (the scale limit on the dial) should be compatible with the working pressure of the equipment. Digital pressure gauge range is generally the equipment working pressure of 1.5 to 3 times, preferably 2 times. If the choice of digital pressure gauge range is too large, due to the same precision digital pressure gauge, the greater the range, allowing the absolute value of the error and the greater the deviation of the naked eye observation, it will affect the accuracy of pressure readings; Digital pressure gauge range is too small, the equipment working pressure is equal to or close to the digital pressure gauge scale limit, it will make the digital pressure gauge in the long-term elasticity of the largest deformation state, easy to produce permanent deformation, causing digital pressure gauge error increase Large and reduced service life. In addition, the digital pressure gauge range is too small, if the overpressure operation, the pointer over the maximum range close to zero, leaving the operator illusion, resulting in greater accidents. Therefore, the use of digital pressure gauge pressure range should not exceed the scale limit of 60 to 70%.

(2) The accuracy of working digital pressure gauges is expressed as a percentage of the allowable error to the dial scale limit. Accuracy levels are generally marked on the dial, the choice of digital pressure gauge, the pressure level should be based on the equipment and the actual work needs to determine the accuracy.

(3) Diameter of the dial In order to allow the operator to accurately see the pressure value, the digital pressure gauge dial diameter should not be too small, if the digital pressure gauge is installed higher or away from the post, dial diameter should be increased.

(4) digital pressure gauge for the measurement of the media if corrosive, it must be based on corrosive media specific temperature, concentration and other parameters to use different components of elastic materials, or fail to achieve the desired purpose.

(5) daily attention to the use of maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning and use the record.

(6) digital pressure gauge general test cycle for six months. Mandatory test is to protect the digital pressure gauge technical performance is reliable, the amount of accurate delivery, effective guarantee of safe production of legal measures.

Digital pressure gauge with high precision, high stability, error ≤ 1%, within the power, micro-power, stainless steel shell, strong protection, beautiful and so on.

Digital pressure gauges have the following characteristics:

Simple wiring costs are low

This contact requires only a contactor, no need for a variety of protection devices, to a large extent solve the problem of difficult wiring; use of bistable control circuit, so the contactor will not produce jitter, which is not easy to damage the contactor and charged equipment , While also reducing costs.

The traditional electrical contact pressure gauge must use two contactors and multiple protection devices to work, not only wiring trouble, and these devices are vulnerable parts, need frequent replacement, thus greatly increasing the use of cost.

High life expectancy

This table is a microcomputer digital instrumentation, the use of bistable control circuit, non-contact contact and mechanical friction, can work more than ten million times.

The traditional electrical contact pressure gauge uses contacts to control the upper and lower limits, prone to spark and mechanical friction, and in the frequent work easily damaged, low life; more serious problem is that if the electrical shock device will lead to damage, so that neither Normal work, will cause a lot of cost loss.

Earthquake resistance

Digital display pressure gauge for a long time in the shaking environment as usual work, and the visual display will not cause visual error; but the traditional electrical contact pressure gauge can not do this.