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Digital Pressure Gauge Processing Technology And Advanced
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Digital pressure gauge combines the world's leading micro-processing technology and advanced analog-to-digital conversion algorithm to achieve high accuracy, low power requirements. Using large-screen LCD display technology, the data clear and easy to read. Unique background light technology can also be used at night, the use of imported chips, the instrument data collection, memory, measurement to maintain the highest peak, manual back to zero, the shell with stainless steel, corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance, Digital Pressure Gauge the body as a whole using sealing technology, In a variety of complex environments. Ceramic sensor durable, safe and hygienic, can be used in food hygiene industry. This product is a foreign famous digital pressure gauge of the Chinese OEM products, and foreign digital pressure gauges with the same performance, is an ideal alternative to traditional mechanical watches.

This product belongs to the mechanical and electrical products, the use of liquid crystal display technology, the use of light will reduce the life of the LCD screen, and may make the data is not clear, the resulting consequences of the accident, the factory does not bear any responsibility. Digital Pressure Gauge Instrument liquid part of the stainless steel metal materials and ceramic sensors, measuring strong acid, alkali medium should be selected with diaphragm-type digital pressure gauge. This product uses non-rechargeable lithium battery, after use the battery should be properly handled (can be sent back to the factory unified treatment) to avoid environmental pollution. In the case of high temperature or low temperature (greater than 85 ℃, less than -30 ℃), more than 85 ℃ should be added radiator, or measurement accuracy can not be guaranteed, and too high temperature lithium battery explosion risk, Storage or transport process should also pay attention to the instrument temperature. As the product for the use of electronic products in the strong electromagnetic field will make the instrument failure, resulting in the indication is not accurate or simply can not show the situation, Digital Pressure Gauge but will not cause damage to the instrument. Different instruments have different pressure measurement range, under normal circumstances can be used within 10% of the range, Digital Pressure Gauge and further over-range use may cause mechanical damage to the sensor, resulting in the measurement of gas or liquid leakage, this damage is irreversible The consequences of the resulting factory does not assume any responsibility for successive generations.

Due to environmental interference, improper use of artificial reasons, may cause the instrument can not work and display. For simple fault users can be self-ruled, other failures need to return to the manufacturer for maintenance. The following list shows the troubleshooting method.