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Digital Pressure Gauge Measuring Range
- Oct 26, 2017 -

1. Instrument using the ambient temperature of -40 ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 80%, such as deviation from the normal use temperature of 20 5 ℃, the temperature should be included in the additional error.

2. The instrument must be installed vertically, Digital Pressure Gauge and strive to maintain the same level with the measurement point, such as the difference is too high included in the liquid column caused by additional error, Digital Pressure Gauge the measurement of gas may not need to be considered. The installation of the rear of the case when the explosion-proof mouth block, Digital Pressure Gauge so as not to affect the explosion-proof performance.

3. Meter normal use of the measurement range: static pressure does not exceed the upper limit of measurement 3/4, in the fluctuation should not exceed the upper limit of the measurement 2/3. In the case of the above two kinds of pressure, the maximum pressure gauge should not be less than 1/3 of the lower limit, and the vacuum part is used for all vacuum.

4. If you encounter the instrument pointer failure or internal parts loose, Digital Pressure Gauge can not work properly, etc. should be overhauled, or contact the manufacturer repair.

5. Meter should avoid vibration and collision, so as not to damage.

6. Please specify when ordering: instrument type and name; instrument measurement range; instrument accuracy level deviation from the packaging requirements and other.

7. Special design according to user requirements.

 8. Before installation, check the instrument's model, Digital Pressure Gauge specifications, and accuracy levels to meet the instrument requirements. Check that the connector thread and the installed female thread are the same.

9. The pressure gauge should be installed vertically, the inclination is generally not more than 30 °, and strive to maintain the same level with the measurement point, Digital Pressure Gauge so as not to bring the indication error.

10. After installation, in the case of no pressure, observe whether the pointer at zero or close to the disk nails, or should not be used.

11. When measuring the steam pressure, the bottom of the pressure gauge should be equipped with a circular tube, the use of water to pass the steam pressure, so that high-temperature steam into the spring tube, affecting the accuracy of the instrument, or accidentally melt the solder, resulting in instrument leakage Accident or burn people.

"JJG 52" stipulates that "the test period of the pressure gauge is generally not more than half a year" means that the mandatory test pressure gauge can not exceed half a year, Digital Pressure Gauge and the non-compulsory test pressure gauge can press the " Semi-annual cycle, you can not press the semi-annual cycle, the cycle of the long adjustment can be JJF1139-2005 "measuring instruments to determine the determination of the cycle", so "do not belong to the scope of the strong test of the pressure gauge can be appropriate to extend the cycle" argument. Many enterprises to be included in the A to manage the pressure table cycle as six months, Digital Pressure Gauge classified into the B management of the pressure gauge cycle as 1 year, and the inclusion of Class C management of the pressure gauge only for the first time, not limited to the cycle, not bad not Change, Digital Pressure Gauge so that the measurement "test cycle" period and the measurement "confirmation interval" equal to the management.