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Digital Pressure Gauge Higher Precision
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The precision level of the pressure gauge is expressed in terms of allowable errors as a percentage of the scale of the pressure gauge, generally divided into 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 47 grades (boilers without 3 and 4 levels), the smaller the value, the higher the precision. For example, the dial range is $number. 5 MPA Precision 2. Digital Pressure Gauge A 5-level pressure gauge, which shows the allowable error between the pressure value and the actual pressure value of the measured medium, shall not exceed 2. 5mpax2. 5%=±0. 062 5 MPa; Digital Pressure Gauge When the pressure gauge indicates a pressure of 0. 8MPa, the actual pressure at 0. 737 5~0. 790–862 5MPa.

Thus, the actual error of the pressure gauge is not only related to the accuracy, but also to the scale of the pressure gauge size. Thread at the same time, the higher the precision (that is, Digital Pressure Gauge the smaller the number), the smaller the allowable error of the pressure gauge. At the same time, the larger the range, the greater the error of the pressure gauge.

Pressure gauges are common measuring instruments and are widely used in various production fields. The pressure gauge should be selected according to the requirements of the use, Digital Pressure Gauge in order to meet the technical requirements of the premise, should be based on the principle of saving and practical comprehensive consideration, so as to reasonably choose the accuracy grade, range, type and model.

Different kinds of pressure gauges should be used to measure different media and environment

1). General media, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., Digital Pressure Gauge can be used for common pressure gauges.

2). For special medium need special pressure gauge, such as ammonia use pressure gauge, oxygen use pressure gauge, hydrogen class pressure gauge, acetylene class with acetylene pressure gauge and so on.

3). For the general corrosive medium, and corrosive gas environment, Digital Pressure Gauge stainless steel type pressure gauge can be selected.

4). For measuring the viscosity of large, Digital Pressure Gauge easy crystallization, corrosive, high temperature liquid, gas or solid float medium pressure measurement, select diaphragm type pressure gauge.

5). For the pulse of the medium and mechanical vibration of the occasion of pressure measurement. Selection of shock-resistant pressure gauges.

6). Remote transmission requirements can be used to choose the pressure gauge,Digital Pressure Gauge far-spread signal has current and resistive type and voltage type.

7). The electric contact pressure gauge can be selected when the control protection is required.

8). Explosion-proof requirements must be selected, such as explosion-proof electrical contact pressure gauge.