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Digital Pressure Gauge Applicable To Various
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Ae-P Intelligent Digital pressure gauge is designed for high-end, high standards of customer requirements, with high-precision microprocessor-controlled pressure gauges. The low power signal processor sends the pressure signal to the microprocessor, Digital Pressure Gauge and the pressure sensor used is the high precision and high stability product of AI ER Sensing technology company, which is compatible with the intelligent pressure gauge electronic equipment. BR This intelligent digital pressure gauge is equipped with large LCD LCD and high brightness led digital display, with 0, backlight, switching machine, unit switching, Digital Pressure Gauge low voltage alarm and other functions, Digital Pressure Gauge easy to install and easy to operate. BR 3V battery power, light quality, suitable for a variety of portable pressure measurement.

1. The fifth circle of the low pressure gauge is a numerical red line, which is the pressure numerical line with MPA, such as the pointer pointing to "0.2", i.e. the current pressure is 0.2MPa.

Let's take a look at how the high pressure gauge reads, the fifth circle is the pressure numerical red line, is the MPA unit of the pressure numerical line, such as the Pointer to "3" that is the current pressure of 3MPa.

A pressure gauge threaded joint is a connection between a device or a pipe and a pressure gauge used to connect a measured medium. Pressure gauge threaded joints are forms of various kinds, there are welded pipe joints, pipe expansion joints, tee intermediate joints, curved middle joints, Digital Pressure Gauge straight-through intermediate joints, straight cone pipe joints, pressure gauge straight-through joints, card-sleeve fittings and so on.

1, process production process to the measurement requirements, Digital Pressure Gauge including the range and accuracy. In the case of static test (or slow change), the maximum value of the pressure gauge is chosen to be two-thirds of the full scale of the pressure, and the maximum value of the measured pressure in the case of fluctuating pressure is selected by One-second of the scale value of the pressure gauge.

2, on-site environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, corrosion, vibration, moisture level. such as shockproof pressure gauges used for vibration environmental conditions.

3, the nature of the measured medium, Digital Pressure Gauge such as state (gas, liquid), temperature, viscosity, corrosion, stain degree, flammable and explosive degree, etc. such as oxygen table, acetylene table, with "Forbidden oil" sign, specially used for special medium corrosion-resistant pressure gauges, high temperature pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges.

4, suitable for staff observation. According to the position and illumination of the measuring instrument, the meter (shape size) is used in the daily industrial production, Digital Pressure Gauge and all kinds of pressure gauges are indispensable for measuring instruments. A wide range of pressure gauges, there is a pointer indicator type also has a digital display, the function can also be transmitted far, not at the scene to monitor the pressure data, and so on. Today we're going to talk about diaphragm pressure gauges. "