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Differential Pressure Gauge Technical Indicators
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Environmental temperature: 70 ~ 60 ℃

Rated pressure: -68 ~ 103KPa

Overpressure: about 172KPa rubber overpressure plug is washed away.

Process connection: high and low pressure holes are 1/8 "spinal canal threads, two groups (one on the side and the other on the back)

Shell material: die-cast aluminum, main body and chromified aluminum parts through 168 hours salt bath test, external final coating dark gray.

Accuracy: under 21 ℃ to + / - 2% FS (- 125 pa; The 250PA model is 3%, and the -60pa model is 4%.

Standard accessories: two 1/8 NPT plug, 2 1/8 "thread rubber hose connector, and three embedded with screw mounting screw card (HP and MP and options table, installation ring and the ring holder to replace the three screws)